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restaurant ticketing software

How to sell restaurant tickets for any kind of food service

Next in Chicago changed the restaurant business forever when it began to sell restaurant tickets instead of accepting telephone reservations. And you may be surprised to learn that any kind of food service – not just high-end fine dining – can benefit from selling tickets. Here’s how… Tickets are not just for fine dining When…
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restaurant ticketing software

How restaurant ticketing software helps lower costs

A benefit of using restaurant ticketing software – in lieu of accepting telephone reservations – is lower staffing costs by eliminating “unknown unknowns.”

restaurant booking software

The Chef's Table As "Rock Concert" With Restaurant Ticketing Software

The chef’s table table dining experience is rapidly becoming a “performance” on par with live music concerts as restaurant owners look to increase per guest revenue. The chef’s table as “rock concert” examples have something in common – restaurant ticketing software. 3 Hour “Performance” Chef’s Table After buying tickets, the audience waits in anticipation. The…
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Why Roaming Supper Clubs Need Ticketing Software

The ever increasing popularity of roaming supper clubs makes supper club ticketing software a must have. But not for the same reason Next in Chicago is selling tickets in advance (to stave off reservation no-shows). A roaming supper club’s to-be-announced, impermanent location is its biggest problem – something ticketing software also solves. What Is A Roaming Supper Club?…
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Restaurant Ticketing Software & The Orgasmic Chef

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgW2IMeRtxg The Orgasmic Chef Everyday, restaurant ticketing software solves the problem of costly reservation no-shows. But making the switch from phone calls to selling tickets is still being debated in certain circles. Healthy debate is always encouraged as it provides actionable information to restaurant owners. The popular food website The Orgasmic Chef recently published Restaurant Reservations…
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Diagnosis: Reservation Frustration ...The Cure? Restaurant Ticketing Software

What’s the solution to the reservation no-show problem? Selling tickets in advance. Here’s a quick look at restaurants suffering from no-show “reservation frustration” and how restaurant ticketing software is the cure for what ails them…and you!

Restaurant Ticketing Software

Restaurant Ticketing Software For Underground Supper Clubs

When is a supper club an “underground” supper club? According to the upcoming documentary ‘Paladar’, underground is when two disenfranchised undergraduates offer “prix fixe” in their apartment. And whether or not it is truly underground, fix menu supper clubs were early adopters of restaurant reservation ticketing software, and for good reason. Eating Illegally The underground supper club trend…
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restaurant ticketing software

Solving The Restaurant Reservation No-Show Problem - Part 3

Ticket software for restaurants is solving the vexing problem of reservation no-shows (yet again) in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. As the list of eateries using concert-style ticket sales gets longer and longer, now is a good time to pause and see what spurred the decision in L.A. and D.C. Want To Eat? Better Have a Ticket Chef…
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Thinking Outside the Box(office) - Restaurant season tickets

Can a restaurant sell tickets in lieu of taking reservations? If so, how about selling restaurant season tickets? The answer to both questions is “yes”. How this innovative approach works is far more sophisticated than you might think. We’re not talking about a old fashion supper club, or all-you-can eat buffet. Plus, selling tickets instead of taking reservations has become so…
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