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absurd ticket fees

Fee Free Friday - GO BLUE!

We shout “GO BLUE!” for the “Wolverine State” as Michigan joins the fight against absurd ticket fees and services charges. Plus, buried in Live Nation’s Q2 report is an updated “Ticketing Fees Consumer Class Action Litigation” budget. ‘Power to be peaceful’ concert is cancelled rather than pass $90,000 in fees onto concertgoers, and yet another…
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2012 olympics scandal

Fee Free Friday - London 2012

Is it the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat? The 2012 Olympics Scandal is here and the 18 month long soap opera surrounding tickets has only intensified. This week we add ” Ticket Fatigue” to the lexicon of misery, find out if tickets are really sold out or if a glut is being covered…
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no ticket fee software

Fee Free Friday - WHO FEE DAT?

$327.50 per ticket fee?!?! Is that a typo or a demand pricing algorithm error? Good grief it better be. If it isn’t, we have a new Fee Free Friday  record ( and that’s a bad thing ). Also this week is a new Justin Bieber induced metric for measuring ticket fee misery and we check-in…
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high fee

Fee Free Friday - Mommie Dearest Edition

Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in the film classic ‘Mommie Dearest’ (1981) Mother’s Day is this Sunday so #FeeFreeFriday goes all “Tina bring me the axe!” Mommie Dearest on unreasonable per ticket fees and services charges. Today, we find three more topics of interest. Live Nation made $868 million in the past 90 days, and…
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