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Event Streaming Video and One Billion YouTube Viewers

YouTube has just announced that they have one billion people visiting the website every month. This major milestone shows the potential for offering (and monetizing) live event streaming video from your venue. This post looks at just how easy and inexpensive broadcasting your event really is, no matter what type of event you may have.


What live music ticket sales can teach MOOCs

Over the past decade the recording industry has learned some hard lessons – first with Napster then with Apple iTunes. Fortunately live music ticket sales have made up for losses in CD sales. The burgeoning industry of massive and open online college courses (MOOCs) would be wise to study what the recording industry has been through. But what if…
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Why you should provide a live video stream of your event

For the past several years, Internet video giant YouTube has refined its live video broadcasts from an occasional experiment viewed by a few thousand, to the current global audience of billions. YouTube’s big budget live events can be scaled down for use at your venue at a minimal cost and effort. Why do we blog…
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