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Per Ticket Fees

Dreaming Of A World Without Ticket Fees

Your favorite source for news on the worldwide controversy surrounding ticket fees – Fee Free Friday – is back! This week the dream of a world without (unreasonable) tickets fees remains unrealized. Will profits from ticket buyer metadata eclipse ticket fees? The owner of a ticket outlet becomes a billionaire, wanna guess how all that…
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ticket fees

Gobsmacked By Ticket Fees

Fee Free Friday, your weekly round-up of ticket fee and event industry news is back! Is it time to ditch face values from being printed on ticket? Are fees hampering the sale of Rolling Stones tickets? Are people really taking out a second mortgages to pay for tickets? You’ve got questions, Fee Free Friday has…
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abandoning the purchase process

Kid Rock Hates Ticket Fees

An angry tirade against ticket fees by a famous entertainer. Round three of the battle between two ticketing industry giants. And millions of frustrated consumers abandoning the ticket purchase process…it must be Fee Free Friday! If you thought Madea hated ticket fees, wait until you hear what Kid Rock has to say! “F*** Ticket Fees!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5d6PQK-Uhs…
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no ticketing fees

Hate Ticket Fees? You're Not The Only One!

Fee Free Friday has returned chock full of angry consumers, news reports and radio broadcasts about the controversy surrounding ticket fees. This week includes some very bad news for high ticket fee-charging venues in Madison Wisconsin. Even worse news for ticketing software companies in Baltimore Maryland. Plus The Consumerist asks the public which is the…
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ticket fees controversy

Ticket Fees are Double Plus Ungood

Your weekly digest of the worldwide ticket fees controversy has returned! This week’s Fee Free Friday thought-crimes include ambiguous results after a reduction in ticket fees at a theater in St. Petersburg, Florida (victory or defeat?). There is also a disturbing development in Iowa City that sounds like it is straight out of George Orwell’s famous book ‘1984’. Plus, the Final Four Ticket…
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battle over online ticket fees

Battle Royale Over Ticket Fees

A battle royale between the two monsters of the ticketing industry. Winner takes all…the ticket fees. Fee Free Friday is back as the referee for a battle of the ages between Ticketmaster and AEG. And on the under-card we have wrestling fans vs. tickets fees. Also, Maroon 5 fans are desperately seeking Susan reasonable ticket fees and…
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ticket fees are bad

Bad Karma

Oh dear. Outrageous tickets fees may have finally caught up with everyone involved. In this week’s Fee Free Friday Russel Brand fans get bitten by an extra $100.00 per ticket they weren’t expecting. A Google employee says “Don’t be evil”. Sports ticket holders are caught in the middle trying to re-coop their five figure seat…
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ticket sites with no fees

Nick Persico Hates You (and your ticket fees)

Per-ticket fee of $16.75 on a $99 ticket? Charging ticket fees is to become prosecutable under usury laws? Questions like that can only mean one thing… Free Free Friday is back with reports from the trenches in the War on Ticket Fees. If you want to join ticket sites with no fees, take a look…
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Fee Free Friday - Dads and Grads Rejoice

Dads and grads rejoice! This week’s Fee Free Friday is a staccato of battles won, save for one especially egregious loss. So throw your tasseled mortarboard in the air as we chronicle the very latest developments in the war on unreasonable per ticket fees and outrageous face value markups!