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Dreaming Of A World Without Ticket Fees

Your favorite source for news on the worldwide controversy surrounding ticket fees – Fee Free Friday – is back! This week the dream of a world without (unreasonable) tickets fees remains unrealized. Will profits from ticket buyer metadata eclipse ticket fees? The owner of a ticket outlet becomes a billionaire, wanna guess how all that…
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Ticket Fees - There Has To Be A Better Way!

Fee Free Friday, your source for just how much people hate online ticket fees, is back! This week we find (yet another) investigative report on the ticketing industry. A financial report from an authoritative source on the role tickets fees play in making consumers miserable. And a humorous way to make venue owners empathize with the ticket buyer. Yet Another Investigation…
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Ticket Fees & The Litigation Nation

Fee Free Friday is back with a special “litigation nation” edition of the controversy surrounding ticket fees! This week the ticketing industry finds itself at odds, not with ticket buyers, but with itself. From Taylor Swift to Mike Tyson, complex lawsuits are flying in every direction – but what is the root cause of it all? Speaking…
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The writing is on the wall for ticket fees

Behold! Fee Free Friday has returned with all new tales of the controversy surrounding event ticket fees. This week, a hapless ticket buyer asks CBS reporter Kurtis Ming “How’d I pay $40 above face value for tickets?” There is also news of “great unification” and “transference” sending shock waves through the ticketing industry. Plus the weekly Wall of Woe has…
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