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high ticket fees

A Tale of Two Cities' Ticket Fees

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Fee Free Friday, the TMZ of ticket fees, is back with a tale of two cities. In Nashville, Tennessee all hell is breaking loose with two simultaneous scandals, one for Lady Gaga tickets, the other for Eric Church tickets. In Minneapolis, Minnesota high…
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fee free ticketing software

Seeing the forest through the fees

We know you’ve come to expect  Fee Free Fridays to be a written account of the week’s wins and losses from the war on unreasonable per-ticket fees – But sometimes a picture says a thousands words. This week we overdose on infographics for a fresh look at just how awful outrageous fees and services charges…
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scalper bots

Fee Free Friday - Humans vs The Bots Edition

The ever increasing consumer pain point of so-called “scalper bots” tops this week’s Fee Free Friday. If that term is new to you, scalper bot are malicious computer programs ( aka “robots” or simply “bots” ) that scalpers use to automate the task of buying tickets online. Using hundreds of thousands of these bots simultaneously,…
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