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school sports ticketing software

Teams sell softball tickets ahead of the curve

The 2013 softball season has started and teams from all over the country have started to sell softball tickets. Whether it is a major college or a local community league, the best practices are the same – plan ahead, reward early purchasers and have fun! This post looks at the pre-season activity and why your…
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Conference Registration Sof

The Ticketing and Conference Registration Software of HTML5.tx

Every trade show and conference needs to sell tickets online and have an efficient registration process. All the more so when the conference is centered around technology, since the tech savvy attendees will have high expectations of the software being used. One such cutting edge technology conference is HTML5.tx in Austin Texas. In addition to…
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Comedy Club Ticketing Software

Funny business - Comedy club ticketing software

After a decade in decline, live comedy is making a comeback at bars and nightclubs. Patrons bored with endless karaoke nights find that live comedy has an “everything-old-is-new-again” appeal and are voting with their wallets. This post looks at venues that have started booking comedy again and what venue owners should look for when choosing comedy club ticketing…
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Tragedy in Brazil - Review your crowd safety planning now

The tragic fire at a Brazilian nightclub this past Sunday is a reason for you to review your venue’s crowd safety planning immediately. Below are resources for venue owners to learn more as well as an overview of John Barylick’s book ‘Killer Show’. Tragedy in Brazil The situation is very fluid as of this writing, but according to…
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Missed dance recital as a plot point on NBC's 'The Office'

The hit TV series ‘The Office’ is in its last season. The most recent episode of the series’ swan song used a missed dance recital as a plot point. Even though the drama is make believe, it does serve as a reminder for dance studios and schools in the real world.

Theater Ticketing Software

Two Opinions On How To Improve Theater Patron Fundraising

Previous installments of Green Means Go provided numerous examples of just how important fundraising is. Recently, two respected industry experts published their opinions on how to improve theater patron fundraising. These expert views reinforce much of what ‘Green Means Go’ has shared with hard working theater owners and nonprofits albeit with subtle differences. It is up to…
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festival ticketing software

Festival Ticket Sales Strategies - The Business of Fun

“The business of festivals, and event planning in general, can be a very rushed and stressful endeavor.” That stoic quote may echo the feelings of many festival planners no matter the size of the event. There are different ways to operate festivals in order to increase attendance – one being to operate under an umbrella,…
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Designated driver festival tickets

Sell beer festival wristbands for designated drivers

With the winter brewfest season in full swing, it is encouraging to see venues sell beer festival wristbands for designated drivers at a reduced price. Offering low cost admission to designated drivers is not only admirable, it sends an important message to the patrons and local authorities. If your beer festival needs to sell designated driver wristbands here is…
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Increase walking tour ticket sales with WalkScore

Did you know there is an established quality measurement for walking tours? Originally published for the real estate industry, a so-called “walk score” can be used by tour guides in many different ways. Thinking Outside the Box(office) looks at how it could be possible to increase walking tour ticket sales with WalkScore.