Train Reservation Software

Train Reservation Software

5 Reasons to Choose ThunderTix

  1. Passenger manifests are automatically generated from the reservations
  2. Increased boarding efficiency with our industry leading barcode technology
  3. Higher revenues per run with seating charts and optional tiered pricing
  4. Create premium event tickets during the holidays and an urgent need to buy
  5. Set train schedule once and propagate it for the season with a few clicks

Automatic Passenger Manifests

Every reservation made updates the database in real-time. Use our sales report feature to automatically generate the passenger manifest required by the NTSB's Rail Passenger Act.

Automatically generated manifests also save time - and thus lower operational costs - by eliminating the need for handwritten passenger lists.

Increased Boarding Efficiency

Our fully integrated, industry-leading barcode train ticket system can greatly increase the efficiency of the boarding process.

After making their reservation online, the print-at-home option allows your passengers to print documents using their printer, paper and toner (not yours).

At the station, passengers present their barcode tickets, which are then scanned, validating the ticket and preventing it from being used again.

Higher Revenue with Seating Charts

Our seating charts are perfect for class-level seating categories. You can set prices for first class and coach seating as well as special web only pricing for online exclusives.

The seating charts can also be used to divide passenger compartments into sections and name them accordingly. For example, if one side of the train offers mostly scenic views of the ocean, you can customize the ticket name as "Seaside viewing".

Special Events for the Holidays

Add unique ticket types for special events with premium pricing, while still offering all your regular runs. Special events display unique ticket names ("Train Ride with Santa Claus"), pricing, and descriptions during the purchase process.

And, as seen on your website, when available passenger seating is nearly gone, your customers will see an urgent message to buy ("Hurry, only a few seats left!"). We let you set the number for when the massage to buy it displayed.

Set Recurring Dates and Times

Your train schedule is displayed online as a custom calendar date range, preventing multiple dates from cluttering your web site and making it hard for buyers to find their desired days.

Make last minute additions to the schedule or remove departures due to weather cancellations and each will instantly be reflected on your website.

And if your schedule never changes, we make it easy to set departure and arrival times and then propagate that timetable for the entire season - greatly reducing data entry.

Choo-Choo-Choose the Right Train Reservation Software

Your business can reservations and lower costs with our complete end-to-end solution for train reservation software. Contact us and ask about our support for your thermal ticket printer and expertise in helping you choose the right barcode scanner or check-in option.