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5 Reasons Why Schools Choose ThunderTix

Budget conscious theaters love the low pricing of our ticketing software and the ease of use that allows drama and music teachers or school coaches to focus on their events. Save time and avoid lines with online ticket sales, and use the reserved seating options to allow families to choose their own seats. Donations can be made during ticket purchases or at any time with our Fundraisers module. Receive proceeds as sales are made nightly giving you access to funds without delay. ThunderTix offers the best school theater ticketing software on the market today!

Let Families Sit Together & Prevent Lines with Reserved Seating

Enjoy the online benefits of reserved seating and allow parents to buy tickets at home instead of having to make an extra trip to buy them in person. On show night, neither you nor your patrons will be bogged down with long lines, and families can arrive separately yet still have their seats together.

In addition to being compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for accessible seating, it just makes sense to make accommodations when necessary. ThunderTix reserved seating charts include clearly marked ADA and companion seating.

Sell Tickets Online & at a Box Office in Advance of the Show

Selling tickets online well in advance of the show just like having "virtual box office." Easily learn how to set up a ticket selling website with our simple copy/paste embed codes. We also offer stand alone web pages with a personalized web address if your school theater doesn't have a website of your own.

If your school hands out tickets for students to sell as "ticket agents", our ticketing software will keep track of how many each one sold and for how much.

There are additional benefits to selling tickets in advance...

Ask for Donations During the Ticket Purchase Process

Your school theater can accepts donations online, allowing patrons to give generously during the ticket purchase process or at any time with our Fundraising module.

Create custom donation requests and set dollar amounts you would like to be given ("Help us meet our funding goal. Pledge $5, $10, $20 today!") or prompt for donations in unlimited amounts.

Reminder, we do not take anything from your donations - you keep 100% of all donations.

In addition, you can create fundraising campaigns that are completely separate from your events. Raise money for various purposes...a new sound system, lighting, sponsor a seat, etc. This allows donors to choose a cause that's most important to them while supporting your organization. Customize the donation receipt to let donors know their donation is tax deductible and brand it with your logo/colors.

Immediate Access to Funds for Ticket Sales

Schools and places of worship are often under tight budget constraints. We let you keep every penny from ticket sales because we don't charge any fees and we don't take a percentage of your transactions.

Funds are directly deposited nightly into your business bank account allowing you to utilize the money as it comes in. You can put this towards other production costs or begin to fund your next performance.

Sell Merchandise with Tickets

Sell product add-ons like theater T-shirts or flowers for the cast. All products sold are tracked in performance sales reports and are visible on the guest list. This allows for easy product pickup the day of the performance without having to worry about shipping.

Affordable School Ticketing Software

Pricing for our school theater ticketing software is based on total amount of tickets sold per month. We know that making the jump to selling tickets online can be a big step and some times needs to be handled through a booster club rather than direct from the school.

Upgrade your School Theater Experience!