ADA Wheelchair Seating

ADA Wheelchair Seating

ADA Wheelchair Seating The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed new regulations to include provisions regarding the sale of accessible tickets, including providing people with disabilities with the opportunity to purchase tickets using the same methods available to patrons without disabilities. The ThunderTix support staff can now specify seats within a seating chart as wheelchair seats. The seats will include the caption "Wheelchair" in front of the seat label along with a Wheelchair icon upon hovering over the seat during the selection process.

New "FREE" Seat Indicator

When event tickets are listed at no charge, we now display the ticket price as "FREE" rather than "$0.00". The display will occur automatically and viewed by patrons during the ticket quantity selection process.

Fewer Clicks for Purchasing Tickets

Until now, all buyers chose an event and then viewed a second screen to make a date/time selection even when only one date/time existed. We now funnel buyers directly to the ticket selection page when only one date/time exists for a given event. This reduces the purchase process to just 3 clicks, because faster checkouts usually translate into more sales!

Disable the PDF on Select Shipping Options

If you have an event that uses a PDF, or Print-at-Home ticket, you can now choose to disable the PDF for chosen shipping choices. For example, if you have a shipping option that is "Regular Mail" or "Will Call", you can now disable the PDF so the customer will not see the option to print their tickets early.

Important Note: If the customer chooses a shipping type that has the PDF disabled, NO PDF will be created. You will not be able to print the PDF ticket from the Order or the Event Guest List. This feature is intended for venues printing tickets in-house with a thermal printer or for venues using pre-printed tickets.

Guest List Printing

Click on the Comment Talk Bubble from the Guest List to expand the comments on the page. You can now expand all comments prior to printing -- all comments will appear in the printed display of the guest list.