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trolley tour

Smoother road ahead for more passengers on a trolley tour

After years of dusty trips up and down a mountain, a vintage trolley in Helen Montana is being re-purposed. But the beloved old-time people mover will live a more comfortable life on the city streets ensuring more passengers on a trolley tour. This post looks at the changes the once free service is undergoing to become a revenue…
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ADA Wheelchair Seating

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed new regulations to include provisions regarding the sale of accessible tickets, including providing people with disabilities with the opportunity to purchase tickets using the same methods available to patrons without disabilities. The ThunderTix support staff can now specify seats within a seating chart as wheelchair seats. The seats will include…
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core values

Do Your Core Values Resonate with Clients?

ThunderTix ticketing software, interface, no fee ticketing, and customer support resonated with a new client.

Oh, what to tweet about on Twitter!

In February, Twitter eclipsed the 50 million tweets-per-day-mark or a mind-numbing 600 tweets per second. Facebook’s even higher at 700 posts per second. For those on the receiving end, that’s a lot of network noise to filter through to find value. On the flip side, the job of reaching folks is even harder when you…
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