Do Your Core Values Resonate with Clients?

core values

We spend a lot of time on this blog sharing ideas to help venues become stronger businesses. Many posts stem from our own core values and experiences. In a testament to our work, we were delighted to learn the reasons a new client chose ThunderTix over our competitors.

John Hirschler of Sight Sailing runs several daily cruises in Newport, Rhode Island from spring through fall. He spent a significant period of time reviewing guided tour management software, and as he narrowed his search, spoke with our clients to ask about their experience (and heard universally great things). With thanks to John for permission to reprint his email and to our readers for allowing us the rare opportunity to toot our own horn, here are John's words on why he chose ThunderTix as his ticketing software:

We know that our web site generates a lot of inquiries and sales but we really don't know what percentage of people will buy online so a flat monthly fee rather than a percentage per ticket appealed to us. Some of the other systems also wanted a % of every person we entered into the system...even cash customers..

We like the simplicity of Thundertix's back and front end. It seems easy to post/delete events and easy for buyers to navigate. Straightforward and no nonsense- We especially liked that buyers did not have to create an account and a password which some of the other systems we looked at required.

We liked the fact that we were in control of the sales rather than a third party. Some of the other vendors wanted to still keep their percentage even on refunds.

Hirschler continues:

It seemed like some of the other systems may have offered more features but they had so many pull down menus and things you would never really use....we felt that ThunderTix really offered almost everything we needed in a simpler format.

Kick-ass customer service! We read the reviews about ThunderTix on Yelp and Dawn answered all our questions in in a very timely and knowledgeable manner.

John didn't know it, but the points he made are central to our beliefs: provide a clean user interface, include abundant features without frivolity, offer fair and fan-friendly pricing, allow full control over all aspects of ticketing, and most of all, give every customer outstanding support.

What are your core values? How do you make those resonate with your customers? Please take a moment to share your own stories that testify to your team's success.