Event Ticketing Software with Square

If you need an event ticketing software that uses Square payment processing, your search has ended. The Square payment gateway for event ticket sales supports box office ticket sales, online sales directly to your patrons, and ticket sales through our free iOS and Android apps.

How do you get started using Square for box office ticket sales? Simply sign up for Square. Square normally approves organizations within 24-48 hours, so you may often begin selling tickets with Square on the same day you apply.

Step 1
Once your organization has been approved for ticket sales with Square, follow the instructions for getting your credentials using our guide below.

Where do I find my Square credentials to add it as a payment gateway?

Step 2
Once you have identified your credentials, log in to ThunderTix, then navigate to the Account Settings drop-down in the upper right-hand corner as indicated by the cog icon. Click the icon to reveal a drop-down menu, then click the Gateway tab.

Step 3
Next, enter your credentials to sell event tickets using Square. First, select Square from the dropdown list of payment gateways. Then select the currency you process payments in such as USD or CAD.

Copy and paste the next three pieces of information -- access token, application ID, and location ID -- from Square into ThunderTix.

Click "Add Gateway".

That's it! Begin event ticket sales with Square. Process all payments immediately, and all revenues transfer directly to your bank via Square the same day sales are made. (Please check your agreement with Square for details.)

Since ThunderTix never touches your ticket sales revenue, 100% of all proceeds are immediately transferred to your bank through Square.

If you have any questions about selling tickets using Square, please contact us!