Ticketing Management Software for Nonprofits

Finding the best event ticketing for nonprofits involves detailed research into what features each event ticketing software offers. ThunderTix provides many features to help nonprofits succeed.

Event ticketing for nonprofits

Community theaters, the performing arts as well as fundraisers understand the primary factors driving the choice in ticketing management software for nonprofits:

  • Cost effective - Starting at $20 per month, sell tickets to unlimited events, set up your entire season in an afternoon and also sell eGift cards with automatic balance tracking.
  • No fees - Valued patrons can feel "swindled" by high ticket fees. Our ticketing management software for nonprofits charges zero fees, but allows you to add your own small fee and also retain 100% of revenue.
  • Easy to operate - You cannot afford to have volunteers frustrated by clumsy user interfaces. We designed ThunderTix to be easy with "no training required" for unlimited users.
  • Donation collections - We track all donations made during the ticket purchase as well as through your own "Fundraising Campaigns". Search your entire patron database for past and present donors to help drive future donations.
  • Donor Outreach - Our donor outreach program makes asking for donations easier. The Donor Outreach program saves time by automatically generating pre-formatted emails for you to send to prior donors with a single click.
  • Reserved seating - Accommodate customers' seating preferences with "pick your own" seat options for a single event or the entire season in a single purchase with our ticketing management software for nonprofits.
  • Immediate Access to Revenue - Most ticket services hold your revenue for as long as 60 days after your event. With ThunderTix, your revenue is deposited nightly as sales are made with no waiting period.
  • Real-Time Reporting - Access and download event sales reports like guest lists, barcodes scanned as well as donations earned any time before, during or after the event.
  • Monthly Recurring Donations - Ability to set up monthly recurring donations. Patrons may elect to make their donations recurring monthly by simply checking a box at checkout.

Accept Donations Online with Ticket Purchase

Ticketing Management Software for Nonprofits

With ThunderTix event ticketing for nonprofits, we make it easy for your patrons to add donation at the time of ticket order. Additionally, the online donation feature lets you prompt for an unlimited amount of additional funds. Customize your own donation request in an appeal that resonates with your community!

Furthermore, optionally attach fundraising campaigns to events so that during checkout, customers can enter in any donation amount and can select a campaign to donate to.

Use Fundraisers for Specific Goals

A second method of donation collection is through our fundraising campaigns. Fundraising campaigns generally run for a specific length of time or for a specific purpose and also may have a more significant financial goal.

With Fundraising campaigns, you set "levels of giving". Levels of giving often tie a floor amount for a donation with a gift or reward. Let's say you're trying to replace the seats in a theater, the highest givers may be rewarded with the placement of a permanent plaque engraved with their name or a chosen seat in the theater while even smaller contributions might earn a "Save our Seats" shopping tote bag. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of levels or even the number of fundraisers running at a given time.

Furthermore, connect your fundraiser campaigns to your events for customers to be able to select a campaign to donate to and embed your campaigns on your website for customers to donate directly to campaigns right from your website.

Most importantly, ThunderTix keeps no percentage of donation revenue allowing you to retain every penny of all donations received!

Small Donations Add Up!

Earn even more donations through our rounding up function! ThunderTix offers another feature which allows you to enable a rounding up prompt to your customers. During checkout, customers will be prompted to donate to your organization by rounding up their order to the nearest $5 increment.

Learn More About Donors

With ThunderTix event ticketing for nonprofits, find out more about donors with our survey feature. Attach a survey to any donation campaign to learn about donors or the nature of their donation. Some common survey questions include:

  • Is this in memoriam? If so, please enter the name.
  • Please enter the name as you would like it to be recognized.
  • Would you like the donation to remain anonymous?

Donor Reports

All donation data is tracked in ThunderTix. Your private CRM allows you to import existing clients easily with categorizations such as "Donor", "VIP" or any other custom attribute. This data is available in many of the reports we offer, such as the event sales report, reconciliation report, and the campaign donor report. Ticket sales and donation data is stored in the campaigns tab as well as the patron management database which can be searched by name, email address and donation amounts. All patron data is yours, is private and is never used by ThunderTix for any purpose. Additionally, search and export all orders associated with individual donations or donations to specific campaigns in the orders tab.

  • All donors by date range
  • Donors attending a single event
  • Donors by region
  • All tickets orders with additional donations made
  • Fundraising campaign donor report

Online Seating Charts with Optional Tiered Pricing

Rounding out our performing arts ticket software, many theaters find it important to have a custom seating chart to match their venue. For donation collections, you might offer donors seat plaques when renovating your venue. With a seating chart, your customers can even choose the seats on which to place their plaque. Theater administrators can easily block or unblock seats from public access as needed, and of course, customers cannot buy pre-purchased seats.

In addition, you can set your reserved seating charts to tier seating by price with higher amounts for premium seating. Combine online ticket sales, donations as well as reserved seating to serve the needs of the fans of your performing arts events.

Ticketing Management Software for Nonprofits

ThunderTix serves the best interests of non-profit organizations and charitable events by enabling online donations. We strive to offer many features to help organizations earn more donations from their patrons!

Here are some important points about ThunderTix for the performing arts:

Manage tickets and donations with ease!