Dance Ticketing Software

dance ticketing software

Why Your Dance Studio Should Use ThunderTix

  • Give dancer's parents peace of mind by selling tickets in advance
  • Let big families choose their seats so they can all sit together
  • Offer coupons to control how many tickets dancer's families can buy
  • Ask guests to R.S.V.P. at free performances, then prompt for donations
  • Our ticketing software is easy to use and includes free telephone support

Give Parents Peace of Mind

By selling tickets online in advance, parents are guaranteed a seat to see their children perform. Without an advanced ticket, first come first served seating forces parents to arrive early, wait in line and then rush in once the doors open - aka the "stampede of parents."

Let Families Sit Together as a Group

Another benefit of ThunderTix is that some families will want to choose a collection of seats, or even entire sections, so they can sit together. Offering that kind of special consideration is easy once we help you set up an online seating chart.

Offer Coupons

Many dance studios only provide a limited number of tickets per student to prevent one family from buying too many. Enforcing this policy is easy to do with our online coupon feature.

Coupons not only control the number of tickets allowed per student, you can customize the dollar value of each coupon. For example, dancer's family members redeem coupons for one amount, and the general public for a different amount.

Ask for R.S.V.P. and Accept Donations Online

Even when a dance performance  is free to attend, ThunderTix can help you manage the event by functioning as an online R.S.V.P. platform. Then, you can add request for donations to the R.S.V.P. process  ("Help us buy new costumes for the kids!") that will help fund next year's performances.

ThunderTix Dance Ticketing Software with Free Telephone Support

We know that making the jump to selling tickets online can be a big step for a dance studio. So we're here to help you make the transition at a price that suits your budget, and with free telephone tech support when you need it.

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