Approved payment gateways

Nightly Direct Deposits - No Waiting for Your Ticket Sales Revenue

Directly connect your credit card processor and payment gateway to sell tickets online, allowing all ticket proceeds to be directly deposited to your preferred bank account -- each night.

Stripe Verified PartnerReceive your revenue as ticket sales are made each day, providing you with cash flow to advertise and market your events as the event approaches. You'll have immediate access to revenue generated from ticket sales providing you with the money needed for the overhead costs of producing your event. This is vital to creating profitable business by not borrowing to meet costs.

Take a look at the list of supported payment gateways and currencies below. If you don't see your gateway or currency listed, ask us if we can support yours.

Payment Gateway Supported Currency
Braintree (with PayPal) USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, DKK USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD
MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS) AUD, IDR, INR, RM, NZD, PHP, QAR, ZAR, TTD
Moneris / en Français CAD
Elavon USD, CAD

Already Have a Merchant Account?

If you currently process credit cards at your venue using a swipe machine or terminal then you likely have a retail merchant account. When you process credit cards online through a website, you'll need a separate Internet merchant account which is designed for eCommerce transactions to sell tickets online.

Have a PayPal Account?

If you already have standard PayPal Business account and you prefer to work with the PayPal brand, you can choose to apply for a Braintree payment gateway that has the same rates as a PayPal Business account, but has no monthly fees, setup costs, or contracts.

Are you a Registered Non-Profit?

If your business is a registered 501(c)(3), you can apply for a discounted non-profit rate from Square, BrainTree or Stripe.  However, some payment gateways require that your earnings show a minimum of 85% revenue from donations (not ticket sales) in order to qualify for the non-profit rate.

Is your monthly volume greater than $100,000?

Contact a sales representative with your payment gateway to request a reduced rate for credit card processing.  Several payment gateways are willing to discount their service from the traditional 2.9% per transaction to a reduced rate of 2.7 or 2.5% per transaction.

How Does ThunderTix Connect to my Gateway?

Once your account has been approved and created, the integration process with ThunderTix is quick and easy. Our online guides will walk you through step-by-step how to connect your payment gateway to ThunderTix to have you selling tickets online in minutes.