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Alternative to Brown Paper Tickets

Looking for an alternative to Brown Paper Tickets? ThunderTix offers nightly payments as ticket sales are made, the lowest fees in the industry, and you never lose a percentage of your revenue. You need a ticketing platform that provides you with the tools you need in these uncertain times around the events industry stemming from COVID-19. For example, we allow batch refunds or refunds to a gift card that you can handle in-house. Your patrons can even donate ticket purchases back to you at the click of a mouse. Finally, we never charge for canceled events or refunded tickets. With the lowest fees in the ticketing service industry, you owe it to yourself to read our full description of ThunderTix as an alternative to Brown Paper Tickets.

Alternative to Eventbrite

Looking for an alternative to Eventbrite? ThunderTix allows you to use your own payment gateway so that you never have to wait for Eventbrite to transfer your ticket revenue. All event proceeds are directly deposited to your preferred checking account nightly. While Eventbrite collects 2.5% of your total revenue, ThunderTix takes no percentage! Further, Eventbrite charges your customers an additional ticket fee based on the cost of the ticket. So, for expensive tickets like Galas or conferences where tickets may cost $500 or more, Eventbrite would charge an additional $32 in fees to your customers. In comparison, ThunderTix charges you roughly $0.65 for the same ticket. When comparing costs between ThunderTix and Eventbrite, there really is no comparison. Learn more about why you cannot afford to consider ThunderTix as an alternative to Eventbrite for your next event or season.