Season Packages and Subscriptions

With every possible manner of packaging your events, ThunderTix will fill your need for season pass subscriptions.

Group your events with various discount options, and make purchases easy for your customers. Coupled with our easy exchanges, you may optionally permit patrons to self-exchange performances for another date. Let's look at a few of the season package options you might consider.

Season Pass Options

"Choose All" Package

Think of this package as being a way to offer your ticket inventory "à la carte" and allow buyers to choose convenient dates and times across your specified list of events. The customer still gets the full season, with the flexibility of choosing the date that works for them.

The Choose All Season Package is a four-step checkout process. The first step is to have the ticket buyer select one performance from each included event in the Season Pass. Once the ticket buyer has selected one performance per included event in the Season Package, they will then select their desired seats for each performance. After that, all they need to do is review their tickets and proceed to checkout to finalize their Season Subscription.


Fixed Date Package

You may dictate the events and dates for a package theme such as "Opening Night" or "First Thursday". Here you specify which dates for each event are wrapped up in the package to make checkout quick and efficient. For example if you offer a "First Thursday" package, the package will include the first Thursday performance for all of your events in the package.

Build Your Own Package

Think of this package as a ‘Mini-Season Package’ where you package a group of events for possible inclusion. For example, you might have seven main stage productions, and you allow your patrons to select up to five out of the seven events offered for a discount.

Flex Pass Package

For the ultimate in flexibility, let patrons purchase your package of events without committing to attendance across specified dates in the future using a "punch pass" style of redemption. With the Flex Pass Package purchase, patrons are sent vouchers to redeem at a date of their choosing in the future.

  • Limit redemptions per event - If desired, you may limit the number of times a voucher can be used for each event. For example, you may offer a 5-punch pass with each punch redeemable at unique events.
  • Allow unlimited redemptions across all events - Alternatively, allow the same 5-punch pass to be redeemed for a single event, or allow it to be used in any combination of punches across all events.

Season Package Discount Options

The Choose All, Fixed, and Build Your Own packages allows for any of the three types of discounts below. The Flex Pass Package is available using only the Specified Price option.

 Specified Price - Many organizations price opening night at a slight discount. You might consider offering an even larger discount for package purchases of the opening night of each event in your series. You set the price across the spectrum of events.

 Percentage Off - Especially effective in "Build Your Own" packages where customers might mix-and-match premium nights with matinee performances, consider offering a percentage off the regular price of each ticket in your package. This might be the preferred choice when ticket type prices vary considerably, for example, between adult prices versus lower priced children's tickets. We'll automatically calculate the discount at checkout and in all reporting.

 Dollar Off - Just like the "Percentage Off" discount, set a dollar discount, and we'll automatically calculate the discount at checkout. This may be most effective with similar priced tickets, so discounts seem consistent across ticket types.

Season Packages with Multiple Venues or Seat Configurations

All packages support any number of seating arrangements whether they be a combination of venues with different reserved seating charts, your evolving black box theater layout, or a combination of reserved seating and general admission.

Automatic Season Package Renewal

A huge time saver, use our automated season pass renewal to invite patrons to renew the same seats as the prior season. Our integrated mass email allows you to customize your renewal email, so once your upcoming season is ready for sale, simply send your customized email, and ThunderTix will reserve all seats for easy renewal.

Each email includes a link to confirm their reserved seat selection. If patrons wish to change seats, they may contact the box office. We'll hold the reservation until you've moved them to new seats.

ThunderTix Season Subscriptions

Season packages are complete collections of your events that you can custom configure in any combination desired. Each package has its own ticket type, price, and availability. Do you have questions about the season packages as they relate to your unique circumstances? Contact our sales team to get your questions answered or to schedule a demonstration to see the sales enhancing benefits of ThunderTix season packages.