What Is The Best Tour Operator Software For Your Business?

What Is The Best Tour Operator Software For Your Business?

FAQ: What is the best tour operator software?

FAQ: What is the best tour operator software?

A frequently asked question is "What is the best tour operator software?" Well, that depends on your unique business circumstances, of course. But a good place to start is by choosing one that saves you time and money. Here is a quick list for your consideration.

Duck, Duck, Goose?

The busy tour operator may think that choosing tour operator software is basically a game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose' - but that is hardly the case. To begin, match the tour operator software's scope and scale with your business. One size does not fit all. You wouldn't drive a 18-wheeler tractor/trailer to take your kids to school - that's the wrong scope and scale for the task at hand.

Very large tour companies, ones that operate at an international scale, will most likely need tour operator software that supports the (proprietary) protocols used by the travel industry computer networks, known as global distribution systems or GDS. That level of integration  is available in some tour operator software, but it can be very, very expensive. If your tour company only has a cursory connection with the travel industry, tour operator software that supports GDS is overkill.

At a smaller scale, there are referrals from hotels and travel destinations that operate in the same locale as your tour company. Referrals can be as sophisticated as a hotel guest being able to book your tour from the hotel's website, to as old school as a well designed paper handout. At this scale, the tour operator software you choose needs to support authorized sales persons, most likely through commissions. Sales agents may also be part of a network of local business other than hotels, like restaurants or bicycle rental companies - your fellow small business owners!

At the smallest, most intimate scale, the best tour operator software works hard for you first and foremost.

To that end, here are the top 10 things to consider in the best tour operator software:

  • Set recurring dates and times with a few mouse clicks.
  • Tailor an existing tour for the holiday rush.
  • Support for coupon codes, like Groupon, with minimal data entry.
  • Tools to inspire an urgent need to book a tour.
  • Respond to supply and demand by modifying tour capacities.
  • Dynamically generate polite messages based on availability.
  • Easy and intuitive purchase process to avoid buyer confusion.
  • Recover overhead costs with optional fees and services charges.
  • Offering lucrative merchandise during the purchase process.
  • Not having to pay for more than you need.

While last on the list, not having to pay for more than you need is certainly one of, if not the, most important considerations for the hard working, independent tour operator...

ThunderTix Is The Best Tour Operator Software For Your Business

ThunderTix tour operator software does not charge you a fee each time someone makes a reservation. We offer an affordable subscription plan that adjusts to meet the scope and scale of your business. We have several pricing levels to choose from, each one is an economical way to start booking tours online today, including seasonal operations (Spring to Fall). If you don’t see your annual booking volume listed, don’t worry, just contact us using the form below and we will work with you and find a plan that is the right fit.

Creating memorable experiences is your area of expertise – let us show you ours!