Responsive Mobile Menus

Responsive Mobile Menus

New Mobile Menu

Many of you use ThunderTix from your smart phone or tablet, and we've had some requests for increased usage of the system while on-the-go. Now, after you log in, there are 2 new sets of navigational menus designed for mobile use. First, the main nav menu (that is currently in the black bar) will be a collapsed menu that upon clicking, expands to reveal all available links. The second navigational menu can be seen after clicking on any event name. Once within the event, all navigation specific to that event will also be in a collapsed gray responsive menu allowing you to edit any aspect of your event -- from descriptions to pricing to additional fees.

More MailChimp Data for Export

In addition to a ticket buyer's email address and name, we are now exporting all of your customers' address and company information to your applicable MailChimp lists. In addition, if you have an existing email address in MailChimp, our software will update any changes for that customer that may already reside in your MailChimp database. To learn more about the new MailChimp fields, view our MailChimp Integration Guide.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

New laws were passed in Canada that require businesses to obtain "expressed consent" from their customers to be subscribed into lists for electronic marketing. That means that if your business is based in Canada or if your customer resides in Canada, the opt-in checkbox can no longer be checked by default. So, your customers who reside can still opt-in by checking the box, but it will no longer be checked by default.

Orders Search by Event Name

The event name field for Orders just got a face-lift! When you start typing the name of an event, all events will auto-fill to save you time. If you need to search for a specific event date, say, all Mondays of a particular event, just copy and paste the desired day or date after the event name to drill down your returned orders.

Bug Fixes and Patches

While less exciting than new features, we made several small bug fixes. The ticket type export now shows the quantities, subtotals, prices and patron names. The sales report should now be accurately displaying the exact refund total if refunds exist for that date. The email receipt now shows the time purchased in the time zone of the venue rather than in CST.