Connect Your MailChimp Email Lists

Connect Your MailChimp Email Lists

Send Emails to Existing MailChimp Email Lists

MailChimp integration with ThunderTixCurrently using MailChimp for your email marketing efforts? We've just made it easier to add existing ThunderTix customers to your MailChimp lists. One exciting new feature takes ticket buyers who complete an order and opt-in to your mailing list to automatically transmit their first and last name along with their email address directly to your chosen MailChimp lists. No other action is needed by you to keep your marketing lists up to date!

To take advantage of this feature, just add your MailChimp API key to your Account Settings. When creating or editing existing events, we'll pull in a list of your MailChimp lists in the new Marketing tab. Select up to four appropriate lists, and we'll do the rest!

In addition, our CRM currently allows you to perform powerful searches based on past buying habits or other criteria. When you've narrowed your search range, you can export these email addresses directly to MailChimp into any existing list in your account. Simply click on the icon alongside the Export button at the top of the search results. We'll launch our processing jobs and send the entire batch to your chosen lists. No more exporting data and re-uploading to MailChimp.

If you're saving more than the three fields (first, last and email), let us know, and we'll see what we can do to send additional data. Stay tuned as we explore more possibilities with MailChimp! Don't have MailChimp yet? Sign up here!

Reorder Tickets on Selection Page

Currently, we order tickets on your ticket selection page based on price going from highest to lowest. Now, you may order them in any way you choose. Simply go to your Event listing, select the "Tickets" link, and then use the handles to drag and drop your ticket types in any order.

Allow More Punches on Your Flex Pass

We previously limited the number of punches on your Flex Passes to the number of events for which the punch cards were valid. Now, you may create Flex Passes good for any number of punches regardless of the number of events.

New Reserved Seating Key: Obstructed View

Help your customers identify special seating in advance of purchase to mitigate against disappointment upon arrival at your event. We've added an "obstructed view" seating key to visually identify these seats when your customers are selecting their reserved seats. As a reminder, if you have accessible seating available, allow us to help you identify those, as well. Please let us know if you would like us to add these special labels by sending your venue name, seating chart, and section, row and seat labels to, and we'll update those for you.