Referral Program Rewards – Refer Us To Your Favorite Venue!

Referral Program Rewards - Refer Us To Your Favorite Venue!

ThunderTix - No Fee Ticket Movement T-shirt

ThunderTix fee free ticketing t-shirt

Sign up for the ThunderTix Referral Program. Refer your favorite venues to ThunderTix, and we will pay you
for each new client who signs up for our service -- once you've reached three organizations.

Who Can You Refer?

Why ThunderTix?

Most ticketing providers charge high per ticket fees, which are passed along to customers. This adds to the paid ticket cost for customers and reduces ticket sales for the venue. With ThunderTix, venues have full control of their ticketing fees, and best of all, they keep 100% of the revenue generated! You earn money for any venue you send us and ultimately makes the switch.

How Does it Work?

  1. Provide us with the name of the person you would like us to contact.
  2. Include your name & contact information.
  3. Once three organizations sign up that you send, we'll send you a check!
  4. And we'll send you a FREE ThunderTix t-shirt.

If you send over 5 new clients, you'll receive an extra bonus!

Note: Referrals must use ThunderTix for at least 90 days to be eligible for payment.