Customer Relationship Manager – Phase 2

Customer Relationship Manager - Phase 2

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Software

Add Customers without an Email Address!

We've heard your requests loud and clear!! As a logged in user, during the order process, a new customer record can now be created with only the customer's first and last names. This ensures that your patrons -- who either do not have an email or choose not to share one -- can still be saved to the CRM for future marketing purposes. This also applies when manually creating a new customer, and you may now do so with only the customer's first and last names.

When processing subsequent orders, you'll continue to use the drop down list that appears while typing a last name. As always, we'll include the confirming customer data of an email address, state and zip code to ensure you pick the correct patron. Should you have customers without this additional data, you need to use care in selecting customers as orders applied to the wrong person cannot be undone. (At least, for now!)

Merge Customers

Have two records for "Jane Doe" at "123 Main Street"? Not a problem. Choose the original "Jane Doe" from the Customers tab and click Merge Customer Records. You'll be presented with a wizard to select the extra "Jane Doe" whose record you wish to merge into the one being viewed. Click Next to review both records simultaneously, and feel free to copy pertinent data from one record to the other. When satisfied, click Merge. All orders, notes, genres, and data will be transferred to the initial record, and the "transferred" customer record will be deleted. Use care here, as merged records cannot be undone. (At least, for now!)

BUY Link - from Customer Record

From any customer record, we now display a "Buy" link to start a new ticket purchase. Select the event, the number of tickets desired, and when you arrive at the checkout page, we will pre-populate all of the customer's information (name, email, billing, etc) into the order for a faster checkout process.

Changes to Credit Card Swipe

We've made changes to how we save a customer's information when using a magnetic credit card swipe reader:

As stated above, because we are now creating records with only the need for a first and last name, every credit card swiped will create a new customer in your Database. Alone, first and last names are too generic to assign to an existing record -- think of all of the people with the names "Steve Smith" or "Maria Garcia". So, if you wish to tie the purchase to an existing customer, make sure you select the customer by last name or via the email lookup on the checkout page before swiping the card. Of course, should you forget to select an existing customer, the new Merge feature will allow you to re-align customers.

If you enter a first and last name manually before swiping the card, we now save the customer name you entered manually rather than the one obtained from the credit card swipe.

Event Genres

The Event Genres applicable to customers via their event purchases are now displayed on the customer's record. These are not editable as they are tied to an event for which a purchase was made, and the events themselves are assigned to the genre.

Scan Tickets Immediately After Sale

To provide faster gate scanning at the box office window on event day, we now offer a link to immediately scan tickets for a newly completed order. Create and process orders in the normal fashion, and you will be presented with a "Scan Tickets Now" link which will allow you to mark box office sales as scanned, or checked in. This enables to you get a proper attendance count without the need to print tickets, eliminating paper waste. Note: this feature is only available for purchases made for events occurring on the same day.