Flex Passes: A How-To Guide

Using Automatically Generated Coupons: Flex Passes

Flex Pass Coupons are used if you want to offer season passes to customers. When customers purchase a season pass, they will receive a flex pass coupon code for all the events you are offering that season. Customers pay for the season pass and will, at a later date and time, use the flex pass coupon codes they received in their email to get the event tickets for free.

All the automatically generated coupons are valued at 100% of the ticket price. Flex Passes allow customers the ability to buy tickets for the whole season, but gives them the flexibility to select their desired seats and performance times whenever they choose.

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The Flex Pass Advantage

The advantage of using Flex Pass coupons to offer season passes is that, in many cases, it is difficult for your customers to plan for an entire season ahead of time. Flex Pass provides your buyers with the flexibility of not having to choose all of their event dates ahead of time like they would if they bought a regular package.

Types of Flex Passes

There are two different types of Flex Passes available, the Standard Flex Pass and the Punch Card Flex Pass.

Flex pass options

The Standard Flex Pass coupon option allows customers to only use each coupon just once for each included event.

The Punch Card is another style of automatically generated coupon code. Like the Standard Flex Pass, the Punch Card will also generate and send a coupon/voucher code via email for each flex pass purchased. Then, as with the Standard Pass, you select to which events those voucher codes will apply.

By default, the flex pass has the same number of "punches" as the number of included events.  So, if there are 5 events, it will be good for 5 punches any way the customer wants to redeem them.  However, you can enter your own punch card quantity.  If your flex pass includes 8 events, you may only want to create it with 5 punches -- good on any 5 events they choose or for up to 5 punches in any combination. With the Punch Card, your customers decide how and when to use their vouchers — once per show, 3 times for one show and twice for another, or any combination they see fit.

How to use Flex Passes as Season Passes

To offer season passes, you first need to have all your events created for the season. If you are not familiar with creating an event, visit our creating events guide.

Once you are accustomed to the process of creating an event, follow the instructions below. These instructions only cover the pertinent options while creating a flex pass event.

  1. Head to your Package Manager and select +Create Package
  2. Enter a name such as “2023 Season Package” or "2022-2023 Flex Pass"
  3. Optionally enter a package description and image Flex Pass Package Basics
  4. Under the Selection Method tab, select Pick All
  5. Under Included Events, select the checkbox next to the event name to include it in the flex pass
    Included events in season package
  6. Under Ticket Delivery, select the Flex Pass option
  7. If you would prefer the customer to redeem the coupon code for one ticket to each event included, select the standard Flex Pass option. If you wish they use the coupon code in any combination, select the Punch C
  8. Create your package ticket pricing under the Pricing tab
  9. Under Additional Options, set any optional features such as an expiration date, and fee for package purchases
  10. Click Finish to finish creating the flex pass season package

Congratulations!! Now, you can sell season passes giving your patrons the flexibility to reserve their dates and choose their seats!