Facebook Causes – Tools to Reach Your Community

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By now you’ve realized the enormous impact Social Networking Media has on our daily lives. The way in which we communicate with other people has evolved from simple face-to-face communication to a vast multimedia-rich network that connects and brings people together like never before. In order for nonprofit organizations to succeed in a down economy, it’s necessary take advantage of all available resources.

Facebook Causes is a platform geared towards helping nonprofits create "cause awareness", extend their reach, and collect donations directly from a Facebook Cause page. Think of Facebook Causes as a community of users taking action on behalf of a specific issue or organization. In many cases, nonprofit organizations have multiple Causes.

Currently Facebook Causes has grown to over 125 million members with more than 350,000 active Causes representing $22 million in donations since 2007!

Here is How it Works

A Facebook Cause enables nonprofits, individuals, and donors to come together and interact. Your organization can e-mail, create custom campaigns, and share content with other Causes and their members.

Members and non-members alike can easily and securely make donations through your Cause page. Your page will display the number of members supporting your Cause, and the amount of money raised. Donations made to any of these Causes, will be sent directly to your organization.

What Makes a Good Cause?

Successful Causes immediately engage potential supporters with a “call to action”. Use titles that allow the community to infer the cause or compel compelling action such as, “Treasure Our Theatre: Seat Restoration” or “Keep The Arts Alive for Youth Camps”, as opposed to just the name of your organization. Remember, Causes can be seen by Friends of your community, so the title warrants thoughtful consideration.

Get Started Today!

  1. To sign up as a Nonprofit Partner, visit https://nonprofits.fb.com and set your organization's Cause page. Non-profit partners have access to the Partner Center, which has built in tools specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.
  2. Start building up your group of supporters by inviting friends in your network, family members and coworkers.
  3. Promote your Cause by including it as part of your monthly newsletter, and prominently display it on your organization's web site. It's also a good idea to reach out to your current members and make them aware of your new Cause page. E-mail everyone on your e-mail list and include links to your page. Offer incentives for recruiting the most members to your cause, such as gift certificates to local restaurants or better yet, tickets to your own venue.
  4. Create custom fund raising campaigns using the Partner Center. Focus your efforts on tangible and measurable goals that will help members and non-members alike better understand how their support will impact your organization.

Look to Your Community for Help
Encourage individuals to create Cause Pages on behalf of your organization, instead of just having a centrally managed “Official” Cause page. The more people involved with spreading your message, the more potential donors and supporters you will reach.

Facebook Causes, is a fun and innovative way to increase your organization's visibility and support. Remember, putting up a Cause page should only be the beginning of your effort. The more time you put into promoting your page, the greater benefits you'll reap.