Google Glass Policy at Live Events – Part 2

Google Glass at Live Events

Part 1 of 'Google Glass Policy at Live Events' looked at patrons' use of the controversial device. Here in Part 2, the opposite point of view is considered by listing where Glass can used by a venue for safety, gate efficiency and to make money ...Serve, sell & scan tickets with Google Glass?

Google Glass Policy at Live Events - Part 2

After thoroughly exploring the way in which venues will change policy for when Glass is as pervasive as smartphones are today, now is the time to consider the other side of the coin. Google Glass as a business tool for venue owners.

Venues and events are businesses first and foremost. Tools of the trade for ticketed events are many and always changing. Once a staple of gate management, the old fashion handheld counter (aka "clicker") looks down right antique compared to today's modern barcode scanners. It is in that frame of mind we look ahead to Q4 ~2014 and the advent of Google Glass in use by venues.

It is without much in the way of speculation that one can easily foresee Glass being part of day-to-day operations as it pertains to event safety. Prototype applications for Google Glass can already recognize simple shapes and triangulate the location of the wearer. That would mean a quick glance at a fire extinguisher inside your venue will present its last inspection date, then notify you if it needs charging. Such a pedestrian example is more meaningful when all these type of little "time bandit" tasks are considered in aggregate.

Code compliance and fire safety are very important and any tool that can shrink the time spent will be welcomed. If Google Glass can already be made to recognize fire extinguisher inspection dates, what will be possible soon there after?

"Ok Glass, Scan tickets..."

As seen in the official "How It Feels" video (above) Google Glass uses voice commands, which always start with the wearing saying "Ok Glass...", to initiate a new task. The video shows common commands, like recording and broadcasting video, that are built-in to each pair of glasses. Google is making a massive effort to enlist as many software developers as it can and have them extend what Google Glass can do beyond these built-in basics.

In addition to venue safety and code compliance mentioned early, there two big opportunities for Google Glass being used at venue are:

Gate Efficiency

Just a stone's throw ahead of the pedestrian tasks like checking fire extinguishers, is the use of Google Glass at venue entrance gates. What was listed in the 'Serve, sell & scan tickets with an Android tablet' post applies directly to Glass because both use the Android operating system.

The number one reason venues invest in barcode ticket scanning systems is to improve the efficiency of the box office and the admission gate(s). Spending a lot of time waiting in line is never a good thing. Patrons don’t like to do it. Venues don’t like it either. The time spent waiting in line to get into an event is not only a crowd safety issue, but it costs the venue money. That time spent waiting outside could be the time patrons spend (pun intended) inside buying food and drinks or souvenirs. Plus, the longer it takes to scan tickets for an event, the more money that is spent on staffing.

Google Glass can make for an even more efficient gate since it is hands-free and wifi network communication is built right in. Imagine if staff wearing Google Glass could check I.D.s with their hands while simultaneously scanning tickets by voice command ("Ok Glass, scan tickets...").


With the trend of virtual music festivals having just started and the practice of live streaming events being well established (and generating revenue) it seems like a no-brainier that Glass will extend an event's experience beyond the venue walls. Hangouts are baked into Google Glass, so at the lowest level of sophistication, all an event manager needs to do is say "Ok Glass, share video..." as the performers hit the stage. Anyone may watch the live stream, via YouTube, but this isn't the revenue generator of our dreams.

An earlier post titled 'Experts Agree: Live Stream Your Event', included ways in which a venue could monetize a live video stream, including Pay-Per-View being part of the ticket purchased. Google Glass can be used in that same business model since it is basically just another screen to view live video on.

Even farther flung forward into the future is making Google Glass part of the entire event experience from end-to-end. Your patrons say "Ok Glass, buy tickets..." and the online purchase process begins, much in the way it does now only formatted for the unique Glass interface. During the purchase process, you prompt the buyer to upgrade to a lucrative "Glass Enhanced Experience" that will include special lighting effects overlaid on the patron's field of view. Performer trivia questions will appear as well as exclusive offers for access to the event after-party. All these extras will be geo-fenced restricted to only be for those who are in attendance at your venue, and only for those who have paid for the "enhancement experience" - per your newly minted Google Glass policy at live events.

ThuderTix Barcode Ticket Scanning

When Google Glass launches for the Christmas shopping season next year, that will be the time to put your new policies into practice. Until then, nearly every advancement Glass may have for your venue is available right this minute with handheld barcode scanners.

Our industry leading barcode ticket scanning technology is available for each event type, including yours.  The futurist concepts for gate efficiency above are available right now with ThunderTix handheld scanners. That includes the ability to validate tickets at multiple entrances, have the database update in real time and support cost-effective and easy-to-use handheld is critical when adding a new device like a tablet computer.

ThunderTix has years of experience with barcode scanners and we can help you choose the right ones to work with tablets or the desktop computers your venue already has. We offer complete end-to-end solutions for your event with commercial grade barcode ticket scanning, handheld scanner rentals and upgrade purchases, plus the software to connect it all together.

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