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Google Glass at Live Events

Google Glass Policy at Live Events - Part 2

Part 1 of ‘Google Glass Policy at Live Events’ looked at patrons’ use of the controversial device. Here in Part 2, the opposite point of view is considered by listing where Glass can used by a venue for safety, gate efficiency and to make money …Serve, sell & scan tickets with Google Glass? Google Glass Policy…
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music festival ticketing software

Music Festival Gate Security: A How-To Guide

After the tragedy in Boston, large outdoor events are beefing-up their security measures at the entrance gates. And by increasing event security, the two music festival examples in this how-to guide are receiving an additional benefit – reduced ticket fraud at the gate. Beefing Up Security The horrific act of terrorism that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon has caused several major events…
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November Software Updates

Software updates

As part of our our on-going effort to bring you the very latest tools to help increase ticket sales, we’re excited to announce the following November software updates. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Account News, Software Updates & Improvements December 17, 8:00 PM New Drop Down Option for Surveys For times when you need specific…
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