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school sports ticketing software

High School Switches To Sports Ticketing Software - You Can Too

Despite any nostalgia paper tickets may invoke, a high school in Ohio has gone decidedly high-tech and will start using online sports ticketing software. Citing cost savings first and foremost, the online sales will be for more than just sports to include school plays and musicals. Read on and see if your school should start using…
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Sell Track and Field Tickets

How to sell track and field tickets online

Eight decades of success continued this past weekend as the 86th Annual Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays were held at the University of Texas in Austin. In addition to being one of the most popular track & field events in the country, the Relays serve as a reference standard for how to sell tickets to outdoor…
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theatre ticketing systems

Performing Arts Software at a Crossroads

The main figure in the famous painting ‘Man at the Crossroads’ by Diego Rivera, is described as being “at a crossroads, looking with hope and high vision, to the choosing of a new and better future.” An apt description for many performing arts theaters across the country. This post looks at the hopes and high visions theaters…
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Theater Ticketing Software

Two Opinions On How To Improve Theater Patron Fundraising

Previous installments of Green Means Go provided numerous examples of just how important fundraising is. Recently, two respected industry experts published their opinions on how to improve theater patron fundraising. These expert views reinforce much of what ‘Green Means Go’ has shared with hard working theater owners and nonprofits albeit with subtle differences. It is up to…
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theater funding

Theater Funding Announcements & Kickstarter Results

This edition of Green Means Go contains new theater funding announcements and a reminder of what a rich resource Kickstarter can be for theaters and nonprofits. These triumphs are presented in a digested format for quick scanning but also contain the requisite external citations to read more in-depth. Reminder: Kickstarter Theater Funding In the ongoing pursuit for…
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