Wrangle a Multi-City Tour: Simple Embed Events Toolkit

Embed Event Code

Do you need to promote your event or performance on myriad websites at every stop on a multi-city tour? That’s no problem with a simple a toolkit consisting of an embed, a sharable link and customized tweet button.

A Herd in Each City

If your event or performance is occurring in multiple cities, as part of a tour for example, you need to have event awareness spread far and wide for each stop on the tour. In any city, you have various websites to learn about events taking place. For example, localized sizes in Austin include:

All of them have their Twitter page too - Good grief, that's a virtual herd of different websites!

The way each of those websites presents your performance may not be consistent. Rather than letting the herd possibly misrepresent you, it may be best for you to establish:

  • A city or event specific arrival point on your website to sell tickets for all events
  • A customized, sharable link to arrive at those same events from external websites
  • A way for ticket buyers to share their excitement

Here’s how...

Embed Events in your Website

As mentioned in our 'On the Cloud' post, the new 'Get code' button enables people arriving on your website to bypass a list of all tour stops and go directly to your website displaying only the relevant performances listed.

Embed Event Performance

To obtain the correct embedded code, sign into your ThunderTix account and you'll immediately see your list of tour stops, or events. For each one there is a separate 'Get code' button. Clicking the button generates a small block of code. Simply highlight it with the mouse, copy it ( Ctrl+c ), and then paste ( Ctrl+p ) it in the desired page and HTML of your website. Note - It is recommended that the embed code be used with accounts that use our iFrame layout.

ThunderTix offers 3 types of embed code within your ThunderTix account, allowing you to embed your events directly on your website. Display your events with our event calendar HTML, events listing, events date search.

Linking & Optional URL Shortener

Now that you’ve established your event or city specific point of sale with the embed, next you can build a customized, sharable link to appear on that herd of websites for each tour stop.

In addition to establishing a consistent presentation on all the websites, the link allows visitors to arrive exactly on the performance they expect (rather than scrolling through the entire list of tour stops on an events page).

The custom link is in the same area of your ThunderTix account as the embed code, click the link tab next to the iframe:

Embed Event Link

Using copy & paste method again, you can add the link to a press kit or send it in an email to the city website herd. How and with whom you share it is up to you.

As an option, you can use one of the link shortening services from Google or Bitly.

With a link shortener, you will be able to see how many people clicked the link. From the bitly FAQ:

Every bitly link has an info page, which reveals the number of related clicks and other relevant data. You can get to the info page in a few different ways. For example, to view the info page for the bitly link https://bit.ly/CUjV add a "+" sign to the end of the link https://bit.ly/CUjV+

The information, or “metrics”, URL shorteners provide is fairly basic but it saves you from having to learn heavyweight tools like Google Analytics.

Tweet button

Embed and link complete, the last, and often overlooked tool in the kit is a way for ticket buyers to share that they are going to attend your performance with their friends. A very easy way to do that is with the tried and true tweet button.

Currently in use on millions of websites, Twitter allows you customize a tweet button however you would like using the following page:

https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#tweetImmediate Access to Ticket Sales

We recommend that you make the tweet button part of the ticket purchase process and include your tour’s hashtag pre-entered in the tweet.

However you offer your ticket buyers the tweet button, know that allowing attendees to share their excitement is a critical aspect of the overall event experience. A perfect example is shown here:

share event experience

To learn more about our embed codes, be sure to read our how to set up a ticket selling website guide.

Every stop on every tour has its event awareness challenges, and we want to help you in anyway we can. Be sure to take a look at our other features and sign up for a free trial today!