Add Your Venue's Twitter Account for Sharing

Add Your Venue's Twitter Account for Sharing

As promised, our ThunderTix system upgrade to the cloud enables us to make more frequent updates without service interruption. This increased agility would be hampered if we needed to send our emails notifying our venues about each upcoming change. Instead, our new policy will be to notify you only when new changes are more significant and might impact your daily processes, such as rolling out new features or affecting current policies.

Our "rolling update list" will now show the most important of our recent system updates beginning with the newest changes:

April 19, 8:00 a.m.

Add your Venue's Twitter Account

To improve your venue's social media reach, we are now connecting your venue's Twitter account on tweets your customers make after purchasing tickets. If "Social Sharing" is enabled in your Account Settings, your customers will see the opportunity to share the details of their ticket purchase both on the screen after a successful credit transaction and from their order confirmation email receipt.

Customers who click on the Twitter "Share" icon will be promoted to tweet out the following message:

I just bought tickets to [Event Name] from @VenueTwitterAccount: w/ @ThunderTix.

Having tweets point back to your own Twitter account raises your visibility on search engines which ultimately helps expand sales. Go to your Account settings and add your Twitter account today!

Other Important Software Improvements

April 18, 10:00 a.m.

Comps and Fees in Single Event Summary

  1. We now provide the total number of "comped" tickets awarded for any Performance. A "comp" is defined as any order with a total sale amount of zero dollars. You can see the total number of tickets on your Performance Summary.
  2. Tickets for orders that included either a shipping or other fee are now totaled in the Performance Summary.

New User Email Notification

In an effort to save the administrators time, when new user account is created, an email is automatically sent to the new user including their login information.

Daily Sales Report Changes

  1. For refunded orders, we now display both the selling agent and refunding agent for current and past reports.
  2. Voided sales are now automatically removed from the Daily Sales Report so sales data is not inflated with invalid sales.

Voided Orders and Commissions

For venues that utilize the Commissions module, the void button is now available for any credit card transactions on the day of the order. Voiding an order will automatically refund all commissions paid to the agent and will update the incentives table to $0.00.

April 16, 3:00 p.m.

The Performance Export now separates the shipping type and shipping cost for easier calculation.

April 13, 6:00 p.m.

Order override reason is now included in the Daily Sales export.

Bug Fix: Order fees should have the correct total in Single Event Summary and match your Single Event Sales export.

April 13, 11:00 a.m.

The information icon Event Information totals in your events listing just got faster. From your events listing, hover over the icon to see just how quick it now is. You'll be able to see Total Orders, Tickets, and Gross Sales for all dates within each event.

April 10, 4:00 p.m.

The data in the barcode export now matches the same order of each thermal ticket barcodes as they would print.