Guided Tour Operator Software & Online Booking System

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ThunderTix offers many features that ease the process of selling tickets for tour companies. ThunderTix aims to provide a software that makes selling and buying tickets simple for organizations and patrons.

ThunderTix Features for Tours:

  • Intuitive interface to help avoid buyer confusion
  • Establish recurring dates and times quickly
  • Harness the power of coupons and save time too
  • Add extra tours for the holiday seasons
  • Display ticket availability in an amount set by you
  • Sell guidebooks, t-shirts and souvenirs
  • Send email reminders leading up to the event

More information on the benefits of ThunderTix is below, or if you are in a hurry contact sales now.

Intuitive Interface to Help Avoid Buyer Confusion

Ticketing Software Interface

Tours often are so frequent that they can end up being information overload as seen by the would-be ticket buyer. Our user friendly calendar date search option solve that by letting people search for a tour slot by date and/or time. This makes finding the listing much easier, improving the ticket buying experience on your website.  Our tour operator software adapts to your listings as they elapse over the course of the calendar year by not showing the public tour dates that have come and gone - only what's available for immediate purchase.

Establish Recurring Dates and Times Quickly

Tours occur several times a day, every day, all year long, but our tour management software makes inputting all those dates and times simple with just a few mouse clicks.

Then, as your recurring tours elapse, the schedule is automatically updated on your web site. ThunderTix automatically shows when events have sold out and hides past events.

Harness the Power of Coupons & Save Time Too

Our custom coupons save you time by letting groups choose the coupon offer date they want and reserve the appropriate amount of tickets - all without a lengthy telephone call. You can fine tune the coupons to fit your needs, targeting different tours, or times. We also give you control over coupon redemption, including how it is to be redeemed, by whom, and how much of a discount is to be applied on a per-offer bias.

Save even more time by bulk uploading coupon codes from daily deal sites like Groupon. When a someone buys a daily deal they are assigned a unique code, then Groupon provides the you a spreadsheet of all purchases, customers, and codes. That's when the ThunderTix tour operator software bulk import comes in to play. You import all the Groupon codes into your ThunderTix account in just a few moments - no entering all those codes one-by-one!

Add Extra Tours for the Holiday Rush

Guided tours are most popular when people have the time off from work to take them, and is usually around the holidays. Your event on July the 3rd is just like it was when you set in January, but July 4th needs eight extra shows!

We help you meet the seasonal demand for your tour tickets by giving you the ability to modify individual tour names within a larger event for holidays. Your tour can have special side trips or change from its normal route as a way to commemorate a holiday ("4th of July Sightseeing Tour - Fireworks on the Pier!"). We make this easy to do and we include the ability to increase or decrease the ticket prices for the special holiday exceptions. Customize any event at any time with ThunderTix.

Display Ticket Availability in an Amount Set by You

Our tour operator software is able to track your tour's ticket sales based on the capacity you set. As ticket sales progress, a sales inspiring message will be automatically generated based on ticket availability ("Hurry! There are less than 5 tickets remaining.") These messages shown to people visiting your website increase sales velocity while reducing the dreaded cart abandonment. Ticket availability messages are proof we are committed to doing everything we can to make your tour a consistent long term success.

Sell Guidebooks, T-Shirts & Souvenirs

With our tour management plan, sell merchandise with any ticket. Add up-sells and extras during the reservation process. Sightseeing guides can include vouchers for parking and set whatever price they want for that convenience. Walking tours of can include food and drinks along the way at restaurants or end a tour with a special banquette (“Mystery Dinner Theater at the End of Friday's Tour”) T-shirt included.

Remind Patrons Leading up to the event

Prevent no-shows by upgrading your account to send email reminders before every tour! With just a few mouse clicks, send email reminds to every patron before the tour.

Top Guides Use ThunderTix Tour Operator Software

You need the tools that can keep pace with your busy schedule of daily tours. ThunderTix tour management software is powerful yet easy-to-use so you can focus on your business. Creating memorable experiences is your area of expertise - let us show you ours!

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ThunderTix is the tour management software of choice for guided tours.

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