Box Office Management Software

Box Office Management Software

The Internet as the New Box Office

Today, virtually every venue or event should be handling their own ticket sales. Unlike most ticketing software applications, ThunderTix was designed for small to medium sized venues. We offer a box office management system where entertainment venues can focus on improving the bottom line without worrying about infrastructure and hardware costs, expensive contracts, or services that force customers to pay per ticket fees. The entertainment industry--whether single-day events, concerts, theaters, or daily tours, must carefully balance between curtailing costs and maximizing profit while meeting ticket sales goals. Ticketing fees play a significant role in this balance.

At ThunderTix, we believe that venues should focus on entertainment while we assist by allowing you to sell tickets online with no fees. We know your customers would agree. To learn more about ThunderTix and our no fee policy, give us a call. We feel confident our ticket service is the right choice for small venues.

To fee or not to fee. That is the question.℠

While higher revenues and staff savings are enjoyed, it is the customer who is the real winner. No more frustrating lines to purchase tickets, or time constraints to call the ticketing box office at specified weekday hours. Customer satisfaction rises in tandem with profits.

Reporting features offer venues the ability to view tickets sold by date and time (a great feature to assess radio advertising campaigns), up-to-the-minute online ticket sales, and download to Excel options for direct mail or email marketing campaigns. Customized reporting is available to extend the base feature set of this software.

Larger revenues, staff savings, and superb convenience all make in-house online box office ticket systems a must for entertainment venues, large and small. With reporting options, ticket design services, and credit card processing, ThunderTix is an affordable, full featured choice for online ticketing. ThunderTix can be an ongoing online service or simply your in-house box office reservations system.

If your venue has considered online ticketing services or software, contact us about ThunderTix and learn what great, customized, and affordable box office management system can do for your organization's ticket sales. Be sure to take a look at all the features we have to offer and sign up for a free trial today!