How to alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events

How to alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events

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The headlines regarding the coronavirus are causing some anxiety for event organizers and their ticket holders. Generally, small gatherings such as those for the performing arts, tours, and music events can be perfectly safe for everyone. In fact, at this time, the World Health Organization has limited its precautions to global mass gatherings. Even so, it's prudent to know how to alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events.

Take these steps both before and during events to allay concerns and heighten safety for staff and customers.

  1. Use mass email all attendees with details around safety measures your venue is making.
  2. Offer for full credit if sniffles or fever causes them to miss the event. Better yet, allow patrons to self-request exchanges or refunds without bogging down the box office phones.
  3. On event night, keep doors open for customers to minimize touching door handles. Do the same for restrooms when possible.
  4. Have plenty of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and/or boxed wipes in conspicuous places.
  5. Provide medical gloves to staff especially at concessions and ticket windows.
  6. Ask staff to smile and introduce themselves, but prohibit hand shaking.
  7. Consider placing signs that encourage handwashing.

alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events

Remember, most cases of the virus's transmission have been among family members or with prolonged contact among groups. You can alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events by taking simple steps that heightens everyone's safety.

For automating task that reduce stress on staff, use our built-in mass email or our integrations with Mailchimp and Constant Contact to get emails out immediately. Further, include links in order confirmation emails to allow customers to easily request refunds or exchanges. Not only will customers feel that their needs are being met, staff can spend time on more important items.

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