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Social distancing for theatre seating

Help patrons feel safe to return The performing arts attracts a decidedly mature audience. In fact, the Monterey Symphony reports the average audience member is 71, and 55 is the magic number for classical music fans. While 41 is the average age for broadway performances, community theatres worldwide generally skew a bit older. This is…
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Batch refund to an event

Handling event cancellations or postponements from coronavirus

Event cancellations, Postponements, and Refunds With the growing concern around the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to address some common questions and concerns we’ve received from our clients regarding the handling of event cancellations and postponements and some approaches to help allay customer fears. What we are doing While most of our venues have been lightly…
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coronavirus safety

How to alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events

The headlines regarding the coronavirus are causing some anxiety for event organizers and their ticket holders. Generally, small gatherings such as those for the performing arts, tours, and music events can be perfectly safe for everyone. In fact, at this time, the World Health Organization has limited its precautions to global mass gatherings. Even so,…
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A Crowd Safety Lesson From Lollapalooza

Last week, line-up for Lollapalooza 2013 was made known. And along with music festival’s line-up comes a candid admission about crowd safety stemming from Lollapalooza 2012. The weather related safety lesson from last year’s event is applicable to any outdoor event no matter the crowd size. A Crowd Safety Lesson Music critic Greg Kot has…
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Best Practices In Crowd Safety

It’s the day of your big event. Everything is set and all systems are go! The line to get in is getting longer, and longer – is your crowd safety policy up to the task? The time to review the best practices in crowd safety is  preemptively, long before the event start date. To help you, this…
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crowd safety how-to

Lessons Learned from NASCAR: A Crowd Safety How-To

Legal proceedings have begun for fans injured in the horrible crash that happened during the Daytona 500. Even though there were more than adequate safety measures in place at the time of the incident, venue owners should consider the follow-up information a crowd safety how-to. The 2013 Daytona 500 – A crowd safety how-to Since it was front page news nationwide nearly…
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Tragedy in Brazil - Review your crowd safety planning now

The tragic fire at a Brazilian nightclub this past Sunday is a reason for you to review your venue’s crowd safety planning immediately. Below are resources for venue owners to learn more as well as an overview of John Barylick’s book ‘Killer Show’. Tragedy in Brazil The situation is very fluid as of this writing, but according to…
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The Show Must Go On - Hurricane Sandy's Impact on Venues & Events

The Eastern half of the United States is now hard at work recovering from the devastation of hurricane Sandy. We offer our expertise and advice for venues and events as they roll up their sleeves and get back to business. The best practices herein are not limited to the hurricane affected areas and are applicable…
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Responding to a weather cancelled event

Last week a rare “derecho” storm swept over the east coast and caused thousands of event cancellations. We look at how one cancelled event, the fortuitously named “Second Chance Rocks”, handled the challenge of rescheduling their cancelled event. Why do we blog this? There are some circumstances that are in your control and there are…
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Snowy Winter Driving Conditions

When Winter Weather Derails Your Event

Winter weather may pose dangerous driving and travel conditions that require you to cancel an event for safety reasons. Make sure your patrons know how tickets will be handled in the event of cancellation.