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Illustration showing various venue types such as concerts, performing arts, magic shows, and dinner theaters.

How to Maximize Ticket Revenue in 2024: Strategies for Live Entertainment Venues

9 actionable methods to increase ticket revenue The close of one year allows us to reflect on our performance while eagerly anticipating new processes to implement in the upcoming new year especially on how to maximize ticket revenue. From live entertainment venues, be it music halls, magic shows, cabaret dinner theaters, or performing arts centers,…
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ticketing service for ghost tours

Guide to the Best Ticketing Service for Ghost Tours

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! You’re gearing up to create your annual ghost tour, and you know you need to nail down a ticketing service. Where do you start? We’ve developed this guide to help you find the best ticketing service for ghost tours. Your focus is to find a platform with all of the integrated tools to help…
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Ticket Price Increases: Do They Help or Hurt Profits?

Businesses strive to maximize revenues, and for our clients, ticket prices and fees are the primary means to that end. The law of supply and demand dictates that a shift in price will have a correlating shift in demand. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the reverse is true, and price increases can increase…
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Credit Card Security

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

In news accounts over the last year, we have all learned about security breaches leaking credit card data for millions of consumers. What we don’t usually hear about is what happens to those credit cards once they are stolen, so we wanted to provide a synopsis of what happens once your credit card data is…
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ThunderTix 2014

ThunderTix 2014 Sneak Peek & Thank You

Here’s a sneak peek at ThunderTix 2014 and a special year-end message for our beloved customers…

Taylor Swift VH1 storyteller

Hidden gotcha in the Taylor Swift contest?

Taylor Swift is one of our favorite artists, and VH1’s ‘Storytellers’ is one of our favorite TV shows. The two have teamed up for a  fantastic new contest – What could go wrong? Well, an underreported line item in the Taylor Swift contest FAQs could spell trouble. UPDATE: Monday October 1st, 2012 – The winner…
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venue versatility

New era of venue versatility

A new era of venue versatility has begun. More than just being able to switch from hockey to basketball, venues are now being designed with tremendous capacity to expand and contract to meet the needs of a wide array of events. New versatility brings new profitability and improves the patron’s experience at the same time.…
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Non-profit fundraising

How creative solutions can benefit your non-profit event fundraising

Recent news in the world of the performing arts show there are many ways for non-profit entities to have a successful event through a combination of donations and tickets fees. We look at two recent use cases and show how your ThunderTix account can help. The world needs the Arts Our notoriously glib Fee Free…
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Box Office Ticketing Sign

It's Time: 10 Reasons to Finally Open That Online Box Office

Online ticketing provides customer convenience, opportunities for increases sales, and significant savings over hard ticket costs and administrative expenses.