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live stream your event

The Experts Agree: Live Stream Your Event

Back in June, we wrote ‘ Why you should provide a live video stream of your event’ that detailed some examples of events offering live video streams over the Internet. We also listed some of the burgeoning services venues could use and, most importantly of all, how to live stream your event for a profit as…
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ticket pre sales

Ticket Pre-Sales Are Born This Way

With a little pre-planning, creativity and the right ticketing software, any venue can have successful ticket pre-sales just like Lady Gaga. We look at the ticket pre-sales for one stop on Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour and show how any venue or event can use the same methods. Tiered Access Timeline Ticket pre-sales are both…
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music ticket sales

Fast Times (and lines) at Whitewater Amphitheater

Recently, Pollstar released a list of the top fifty outdoor venues in the U.S., and our own White Water Amphitheater in New Braunfels, Texas, charted at number thirty six. Having musical guests such as Girl Talk, Ghostland Observatory, and Bob Dylan, WWA helps add to this mecca for outdoor tubing and camping by bringing live outdoor entertainment to the area. ThunderTix staff had the privilege of seeing our venue in action over sold out shows as they moved five thousand through the gates with hassle free efficiency and left our team glowing with pride.

pre-sale tickets

Pre-sale tickets - Venues vs. performers

Harsh criticism by a talent manager on the subject of pre-sale tickets isn’t surprising, talent needs to have proper representation, but has Justin Herring gone too far? Is there really as much exploitation of performers as his OpEd suggests? We’ll look at what has been said about pre-sale tickets as it relates to your venues bottom line.…
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ticket packages

Why you should offer experience enhancing ticket packages

Why do we blog this? New AEG/LivingSocial bundled ticket packages are recognition of the high value ticket buyers assign to their event experience. Your ThunderTix account contains everything you need to create the same experience enhancing packages.

What happens to ticket collecting in the paperless “e-ticket” age?

Concert ticket collecting is a popular hobby and a lucrative commercial industry. In this post, we spotlight some examples of concert ticket collecting, past, present and future. Why do we blog this? Your ThunderTix account supports the three most popular ticket printing methods and we recommend that you use the print-at-home option to lower costs…
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Cultivating a shared experience - A “slightly stoopid” example

This week was the highly anticipated return of Glee on FOX. Millions of fans watched and even if you are not a fan yourself, the show’s huge viewership must be acknowledged. Of course Glee’s popularity comes from excellent writing, acting and production values as well as the FOX Broadcasting Company’s marketing prowess, but there is…
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Paperless Ticketing - How it works and what it means for your venue

Paperless ticketing offers benefits only to the largest venues with a history of sell out crowds and ticket scalping. Small venues should avoid paperless ticketing to keep ticket prices lower.

Blue October

Rock Concerts: Don't be afraid to bring the kids

The anticipation was palpable as Blue October fans began congregating well in advance of the doors opening. Worries about uncooperative weather earlier in the day faded under a beautiful, central Texas, evening sky. Finding a parking spot was painless, thanks to Whitewater Rock’s ample parking and helpful staff directing me at every turn. My kids…
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Would @dandyermusic quit Twitter?

Dan Dyer, one of my favorite local musicians, played the other night here in Austin, and I knew I’d miss the show. Stacy and I were working late trying to add Canadian payment processing to ThunderTix, and at 10:00 PM, we still hadn’t finished. I guess Stacy had had enough, because she suggested we call…
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