Customer Relationship Database


Topics Covered:

[0:40] - Customer Database Basics
[1:01] - Customer Import
[1:40] - General Information Search
[2:01] - Order History Search
[2:38] - Event Purchase Search
[3:20] - Genre / Classification Search
[4:08] - Has Not Yet Purchased Search
[4:35] - Donation History Search
[4:51] - Exporting Results
[4:58] - Customer Information
[4:58] - Merge Duplicate Customer Profiles

Customer Relationship Database Video Transcription:

Hello and welcome! Today, I am going to show you how to take full advantage of your customer database in ThunderTix. Let’s start by heading over to the Customer Tab.

Whenever a customer purchases a ticket, they are automatically added to your customer database. A second method to add a customer is to add them manually. Once a customer exists with their email address, we will associate all future purchases to that customer when an order is processed with that same email address.

Finally, we can import an existing spreadsheet of customers from your own files. Click the “Import Customers” icon, download the template, and follow these instructions.

The customer information page is a vital tool that allows you to easily search for customers, edit customer details, hone in on customer data for marketing purposes, and more. Let’s examine the various searches available.

You can search for customers by email, name, phone number, address, or company. The search can be as strict or as broad as you need. All you have to do is enter your desired search criteria and click search. You can refine your search by adding additional information here or by clicking this button if you want your results to only list customers who opt-in to receive emails. To organize your results, click these arrows to see the information presented in alphabetical order.

On the left, we offer various search types. You can search using order history by entering a minimum number of orders your patrons have made, the minimum amount of money spent, and a minimum number of tickets purchased overall. Enter in your desired date values and click enter.

When you search by event purchase, you can find customers who have bought tickets to one event but have not yet bought tickets to a different event. This allows you to find customers who bought tickets to a performance in the past, but have not yet purchased tickets to an upcoming performance. Export the results and send to your favorite mass email platform, or use our integrated email program, to advertise your performance. You can further refine results by entering a date range to find customers that not only attended an event, but attended within a specified time frame.

When you search by genre or classification, you can find customers who attended events that belong to specific genres. To search by genre, your events must already have genres linked to them. You can add custom genres to any event by managing an event and clicking on the marketing tab and assigning a genre. You can also edit any genre name right here by clicking on your phrase.

Next is the ability to search by customer classifications. In order to do this, you must have at least one customer classification created. If you accept donations either with events, or as a stand-alone function through fundraising campaigns, we automatically tag customers as “donors” if they’ve ever donated at least once. Beyond donors, you might create classifications like Season Subscriber, Member, Volunteer, Staff, etc. To set classifications, click Edit for any customer here. Similar to the Event Purchase above, searching by what a customer has not yet purchased will find customers who have bought tickets to events of certain genres but have not yet bought tickets to a specific event.

The donation history tab allows you to search for customers who donated while making a ticket purchase or who donated to one of your fundraising campaigns. Select LYBUNT for donors who have given Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year. Select SYBUNT for donors who have given Some Year But Unfortunately Not This year. Or find a list of all customers that have never donated before. Finally, click this if you want to find customers that have donated or have donated at least X amount of times.

Once you are satisfied with your search, you can export the results as a .CSV file, which can be used in your desired spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Or use our integrated mass email platform to use your results for advertising, donor outreach or other communication. Alternatively, export your customer information into Constant Contact or Mailchimp for easy access to solicit additional donations from your customer and donor base.

To view all detailed information for one customer, click the eye icon. Here you can view the history of all orders, e-gift cards, reservations, donations, and details from their customer profile, like the billing and shipping address, phone number, and more.

You can change, edit, or add to any customer’s information here, or from the customer page here. You can add classifications to customers, create new custom classifications, and add notes about a customer at any time. We’ll track when each note was added as well as which box office agent created the memo.

Merge together any duplicate profiles with our Possible Duplicates report. Select the multiple profiles and merge them together to automatically retain all information from the duplicate customer profiles. Customers will automatically be connected to the merged customer profile at checkout.

Alright, we have finished covering the customer database features. If you have any questions, we invite you to view our how-to guides, and visit our support forum. Thank you for watching!