Event Dashboard Guide

This event dashboard guide explains all the information located on the event dashboard. If you have any other questions, check out our other report guides, the event reconciliation reports guide and the ticket sales reports guide. For any further help, take a look at our event software reports video or visit our support forum.

Quick Start to Viewing Your Recent & Total Sales

To quickly access a snapshot of your sales data you must:

  1. Click on the Reports tab located in the black navigation bar at the top of the screen. The page will then reload displaying your sales data in various charts and diagrams.Event Dashboard
  2. Decide within what date range you want to view your sales data. You can select either a predetermined range or you can select your own specific dates.Date RangeCalendar Select
  3. Click the “get report” button. Then the page will reload, showing the sales data within your specified date range.Get Report

Event Dashboard

ThunderTix offers many different options for robust sales reports. The Event Dashboard is a great way to quickly see your ticket sales. On the dashboard, you can see a snapshot of totals for your venue, a comparison of yesterday and today's sales, as well as several sales graphs displaying ticket sales, abandonment rates, delivery statistics and more.

Event Dashboard

After clicking on Dashboard, first, you will see your total revenue, fees, donations collected, and the total number of customers saved in your database. Beneath those totals, you will see a table showing a snapshot of yesterday and today’s transactions. In this table, you can also find totals for tickets sold, comped, refunded, products, and more.

If you’d like to receive this information as a daily summary, enter your email address in the Notifications tab of your Account Settings.Account Settings

Beneath this table, you can set a date range. You can either select one of the predetermined options or choose a beginning and ending date.Date Range

Once you set a date range and click get report, you can access a sales pie chart, shopping cart abandonment rates, email delivery statistics, and graphs of tickets sold by event graphs within your set time period.

The sales pie chart shows you how many orders were paid, abandoned, declined, voided, or reserved. In addition, you can hover over any section of the chart to see the total orders and the total revenue.Ticket Sales Report Graph

Abandonment rates track the number of customers that began the order process, got to the checkout page, but ultimately abandoned it. Industry averages are determined by comparing your rate with others in similar industries.Email Delivery Rates

Delivery stats display how many order, reminder, and post event emails, were delivered, blocked, or unsubscribed.

The tickets sold graph will map ticket sales on a timeline for the date range selected. You can also hover over any item to see the total number of tickets sold as well as the revenue from ticket sales before coupons. Stacked on the ticket sales are any comps for which no revenue exists. Additionally, refunds appear below the line.Ticket Sales Summary Graph

Furthermore, clicking on any day of the date range will produce a second graph underneath the first. This graph displays tickets sold in the 24 hour period for that date.Daily Sales Report Graph