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BYOB policy boost ticket sales

How a BYOB policy can increase ticket sales

To BYOB or not to BYOB, that is the question! Food and drink concessions are a very important part of any event, but there is a larger strategy to consider. This edition at ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at how a smart BYOB policy allowing festival goers to bring their own food and drink, within limits, can increase tickets…
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underground supper club tickets

Secret soirées go legit and sell underground supper club tickets

Pssst. Want to know a secret? Underground supper clubs are being held at non-traditional venues, all over the country, maybe even in your neighborhood. This edition of Thinking Outside the Box(office) looks at how “underground” dining events have matured and now make use of iPhones apps to connect diners with events. Is the next evolutionary step…
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