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Terrifying Ticket Fees Are A Halloween Horror!

A $19.80 concert ticket fee? Ticketmaster to the Tower of London? Gut-wrenching tales of sorrow from music fans? That can only mean the special Halloween Horror edition of Fee Free Friday! This week is especially terrifying because Halloween gives us the excuse to pull out all the stops bringing you all the latest news on the omnipresent horror that…
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Football Game Ticket Fees

Are you ready for some football...fees?

That’s right, football is back! But the preseason isn’t all tailgating and touchdowns, it also includes outrageously high football ticket fees. We run through the red zone of the worst ones. Also this week, a $97.20 ticket fee is described as “other expenses”, a family pays a $82.00 “service fee” and all new entries on…
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ticketing fee lawsuit

Kangaroos and kiwis and rams - Oh my!

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto – In fact we’re international with reports from Australia and New Zealand. This week we ask: If you won a multi-million dollar class action, would you settle for a dollar off coupon? Just what is a $8.00 “email attachment” fee? Are you willing to pay 25% of the purchase price…
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