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Ticket Trends - New Tools For Ticket Sales

New tools from Google Maps and Foursquare are designed to spur impulse buying – including tickets to your event. Here’s a look at how these latest ticket trends work. New Foursquare Ads & Your Venue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8JqUlQj43M Foursquare has been a staple of event awareness for sometime now, but just this week the popular location based…
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Why the word "experience" is a powerful ticket sales tool

The busy venue owner may not be aware of how powerful the word “experience” can be – as it pertains to tickets sales. From the ticket buying public’s point of view, it is an event’s experience that has the most value. This post looks at the use of the word “experience” in conjunction with (and…
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Can tour operators sell tickets based on the weather?

Outdoor event managers and tour operators know the weather can change in a moment, catching the best of us off guard. However, a new advertising technology plans to turn the unexpected rain shower into profits. So, the question must be asked – if advertising can be based on the weather, can tour operators sell tickets based on the weather?…
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Using contests to sell more boat tour tickets

Need a fresh idea to help sell more boat tour tickets? A website in New York City has tapped into people’s competitive spirit for a contest that raises awareness (and usage) of local boat tours. And the contest can replicated in your local area. Here’s how… Two Tie-Ins. One Contest. Last week, popular tastemaker website…
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