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sell online tickets fast

5 Calendar View Tips To Sell Tickets Fast

The new ThunderTix Calendar View has more than a few tricks up its sleeve to help you sell tickets to your event fast. Here are 5 tips to get you started… 1. Color mnemonics Color mnemonics is just a fancy way of saying “visual learning.” Rather than focus on the written text, we designed color…
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ticket sales tool

Why the word "experience" is a powerful ticket sales tool

The busy venue owner may not be aware of how powerful the word “experience” can be – as it pertains to tickets sales. From the ticket buying public’s point of view, it is an event’s experience that has the most value. This post looks at the use of the word “experience” in conjunction with (and…
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Sell tickets at higher prices to improve behavior?

In between the humorous list of the ’10 Worst People at Music Festivals’ and the serious business of selling more online event tickets, is a controversial move by a venue in Philadelphia. It seems the venue has intentionally raised ticket prices in order to “improve patron behavior” (no, really). Can you sell online event tickets at…
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add a food event as a ticket upsell

How-to: Festival Food Event as a Ticket Upsell

Food has always been a part of any outdoor festival. But a new trend is developing that makes events like cook-offs a special ticket purchase that is not included with general admission. So successful are the cooking competitions, they have their own “governing body” which performs much of the organizational heavy lifting – instead of the festival operator. This edition of…
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BYOB policy boost ticket sales

How a BYOB policy can increase ticket sales

To BYOB or not to BYOB, that is the question! Food and drink concessions are a very important part of any event, but there is a larger strategy to consider. This edition at ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at how a smart BYOB policy allowing festival goers to bring their own food and drink, within limits, can increase tickets…
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