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restaurant ticketing software

How restaurant ticketing software helps lower costs

A benefit of using restaurant ticketing software – in lieu of accepting telephone reservations – is lower staffing costs by eliminating “unknown unknowns.”

prix fixe menu tickets

Why You Should Sell Prix Fixe Menu Tickets

There has been a revolution of sorts lately. Restaurants have realized the value of selling prix fixe menu tickets either as stand alone experiences, or in addition to the regular dining format. Some restaurant owners assume selling tickets in advance for a prix fixe experience means very high-end dining (and equally high prices) but that is…
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Restaurant Ticketing Software

Why Restaurant Reservation No Shows Suck (and what to do about it)

Why should you start using restaurant ticket software instead of taking telephone reservations? Because each reservation no-show costs you $200. But don’t take our word for it, check out the empirical data below! Hard Data Restaurant reservation no shows has been the sore subject of media reports, a war of words on Twitter, and the occasional…
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restaurant ticketing software

5 Restaurants Poised To Sell Tickets In Lieu Of Phone Reservations

The restaurant trend to sell tickets in lieu of phone reservations continues widespread acceptance. As such, here’s a look at the next potential five restaurants to follow the lead set by Next restaurant in Chicago. Next After Next A previous post looked at some eyebrow-raising research that indicates restaurant owners are poised to embraced every available technology to improve their…
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