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theater funding

Theater Funding Announcements & Kickstarter Results

This edition of Green Means Go contains new theater funding announcements and a reminder of what a rich resource Kickstarter can be for theaters and nonprofits. These triumphs are presented in a digested format for quick scanning but also contain the requisite external citations to read more in-depth. Reminder: Kickstarter Theater Funding In the ongoing pursuit for…
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crowd funding festival

Crowd Funding Festivals: The Ultimate Ticket Up-Sell?

Festivals are very unique business use cases within the event industry. We look at an unusual alternative for financing production costs – Crowd funding. This new way of thinking about raising capital is directly applicable to all festivals of any size. Why do we blog this? As a leading provider of ticketing software for venues and…
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Louis C.K. to sell tickets direct to fans

Louis C.K. has announced he will start selling tickets directly to fans and will not be making use of any third party event management or distribution services. The decision happens on the heels of Amanda Palmer’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to self-produce a live performance. Are these signals of a drastic change in the online…
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