Sell Event Tickets Online in 6 Easy Steps

Whether you are selling tickets for a high school theater, a formal gala or your new event business, selling event tickets online has never been easier or cheaper. ThunderTix is an easy and simple ticket selling platform with features to help venues sell tickets online. Let's look at how you can sell event tickets online in 6 easy steps.

  1. Create your website. If you don't have one, look for a ticket selling platform that includes a free branded webpage for you or allows you to easily embed the events into your own website. Avoid doing double data entry by ensuring the ticket selling platform immediately includes new events into your website pages.
  2. Add your event details and dates. Great pictures and informative descriptions help sell online event tickets, so use your creative genius to get customers excited!
  3. Add your payment gateway to have ticket revenue deposited directly to your account nightly. Look for a ticket service that does not frustrate your customers with high ticket fees. The ThunderTix ticket selling platform allows you to sell tickets online with no fees. Your customers will love you for it!
  4. Publish your event to social media to get the word out. Use your own tools, or take advantage of our social media integration to publish your events on Twitter, Facebook, Viator and more! Make sure you enable social sharing so customers can share your event with friends immediately after purchase.
  5. Start selling! Send customers directly to your webpage or provide a phone number for your in-house staff to process box office orders. Create as many free user accounts as you need, and we'll track purchases to each of your sales reps.
  6. Scan tickets in as customers arrive, and prevent fraud from duplicated tickets.

Why choose ThunderTix to sell event tickets online?

ThunderTix offers the lowest cost in the industry for your venue. Moreover, your customers will love you, because we allow you to sell tickets online with no fees. We allow you to add your own fee if desired, and even better, whatever fees you collect are yours to keep. As a result, you'll earn more revenue with ThunderTix as a ticket selling platform.

Sell event tickets online today. With no waiting period to get started and no credit card required, we make ticket sales easier than ever. Our expert representatives are standing by to help you discover ways to increase online ticket sales.