Comparing the Best Event Ticketing Websites

When comparing the best event ticketing websites, it's important to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment. Online ticketing websites offer many features for venues and organizations to help boost ticket sales and promote events.

ThunderTix provides numerous features to help you and your staff focus on planning and promoting the perfect event instead of dealing with all the logistics of tracking sales, selling merchandise separately, tracking donations, tracking coupons, calculating ticket fees, and more. If your ticketing company does not offer all of these features, be sure to sign up for your free trial with ThunderTix today!

Sell Tickets Online

All ticketing websites should provide organizations with a simple system that makes it easy to start selling tickets online. You should be able to sell tickets to several events all from the comfort of your own website. Patrons will be able to purchase tickets without having to leave your site!

ThunderTix provides embed codes for you to easily copy and paste into your organization's website. We also offer multiple ways to embed your events on your website or other third party websites. Display your events with our event calendar HTML, event listing, and event date search. In our embed code options, you can also further customize your event display with custom CSS to create custom colors and styles to better match your website colors and company brand. Sell tickets from any website!

Track All Sales

Ticketing websites should make it easy for you to access all sales data for tickets, merchandise, and donations. ThunderTix offers robust sales reports showing a single event sales, monthly sales, barcode scans, merchandise by event sales, and much more. You can export any of these reports before, during, or after your event. Event Sales Dashboard on Ticketing Website

Which agent sold the most? How many comps, price overrides and discounts were issued at the box office? The answers are easy to find in a ThunderTix sales report.

Furthermore, ThunderTix offers you the ability to export customer lists and orders. You can export all order data for a given event, orders for multiple events within a date range, or just about any combination that has value for you. Exporting order history gives you the power to sort event data by sales agent, payment method, day of the week or even zip code. In the same way you search for orders, you can also search for and export your customer contact information. Find past customers by name, address, phone, email or company in your detailed customer database.

Sell Merchandise with Tickets

Raise even more revenue with merchandise sales in your ThunderTix account. Sell merchandise with tickets! Offer products like souvenirs, t-shirts or program guides during ticket purchase. Once you've listed your merchandise, sales begin instantly and happen at the same time as your customers buy tickets.

Accept Donations Online

If you're running a nonprofit, it's vital for your ticketing software to allow you to accept donations online. ThunderTix serves the interests of non-profit organizations and charitable events by enabling online donations. As a ticketing management software for nonprofits, ThunderTix tracks all online donations and allows you to search for donors in your customer database. Donations are available during the ticket purchase process for an event as well as separately through donation campaigns.

Offer Coupons to Boost Sales

Ticketing websites should offer the ability to create online coupons for tickets. Advertise coupon codes to boost ticket sales for events or automatically apply discounts to groups. ThunderTix provides the ability for organizations to create their own unique coupon codes, upload them in bulk from Daily Deals, like Groupon, or set up automatic group discounts. Easily track coupon redemption through our comprehensive event sales reports.

Bundle Events Together in a Season Pass

Customers want the ability to buy tickets to multiple events at once. Ticketing websites should allow venues to customize season packages with the events of their choosing.

With ThunderTix, sell tickets to all your events in one season together! Pick and choose which events you want to offer in each season package. Give customers the ability to select their desired performance times for the events or pre-select event times. Customer can purchase tickets to all the events in a season in one transaction!

Fee-Free Ticketing Website

Many ticketing websites charge a per-ticket fee, which pressures you to pass that large fee off to the unhappy customer. ThunderTix is flat monthly fee and we never charge you any per-ticket fees. We let you decide on what fees to charge, if any, and provide the tools to intelligently manage how they are presented during the ticket purchase process.Should you charge ticket fees?You can sell tickets online with no fees. If your current ticketing software charges you and/or your customers ticket fees consider switching to ThunderTix, one of the only ticket sites without fees.

Why should you switch? Because if your venue sells 5,000 tickets with a nominal one dollar per-ticket fee, you earn an additional $5,000. Check out our online ticket fee calculator and see for yourself! Start your free ThunderTix trial today!