Sales Outlet Location Tracking

sales outlet location tracking

Beyond the boundaries of the box office are your remote sales outlets. Those satellite outlets can be far flung and numerous. Some are temporary pop-up locations while others are 3rd party locales that represent long-term B2B agreements. All these points of sale, and the associated personnel, can be unwieldy to manage. That’s why you need the ThunderTix sales outlet location tracking feature.

Sales Outlet Tracking Basics

Track outlets - With this feature, ThunderTix offers you high scalability for when your ticket inventory is being sold from multiple outlets, ensuring you can track each one and have a clear overview of sales velocity.

 Track sales agents -  Track sales velocities at all outlets in real-time so you'll know which are the most productive per event and by total sales - all from your ThunderTix account. The sales outlet location tracking feature requires sales agents to select their current location when they sign into their accounts - before processing any orders - ensuring data accuracy.

 Generate and export reports - Get better control and more understanding of an event sale on a per outlet, or per sales agent, basis by generating robust reports. If needed, the reports can be exported from your ThunderTix account into the software programs you already use like Microsoft Excel.

When comparing ticketing software, make note of how sales outlets are tracked and managed. ThunderTix provides you with the administrative control to securely allow each type of personnel the correct account permissions. The sales outlet location tracking feature works in conjunction with our features like commission tracking, embed codes and Event Restricted Access for comprehensive management of people, venues and remote sales outlets.

Track Outlets

sales outlet location tracking

The administrator console of a ThunderTix account is not only the command center of your venue, it also connects all your external sales outlet locations - nearby or on the other side of the country.

Each outlet has its own unique conditions and sales quota expectations. And since the outlets are outside the confines of your brick and mortar box office, you need to track and monitor activity in real time. The ThunderTix sales outlet location tracking feature gives you the ability to manage virtually an unlimited number of satellite locations including all the associated personnel.

As tickets are sold, the outlet name is added to the order as a special designation, becoming another meaningful data point. When the event orders list is viewed at-a-glance, you'll see the outlet name you assigned. You can add and remove remote outlets as needed, especially useful when one event has a different set of remote outlets (and agents) than another.

Scaling up one level in utility, you may have more than one venue, each one with multiple sales outlets. ThunderTix sales outlet location tracking meets the needs of such ever increasing complexity while still being easy to use. Tracking outlets by physical location isn't the only requirement that is well served by this feature. Personnel at each location operate under the same tracking policies as outlets.

Track Sales Agents

sales outlet location tracking We understand the challenges of managing the full-time employees that work with you at your venue, as well as your roster of external sales agents at satellite outlets. The sales outlet location tracking feature is built to handle multiple events, each with multiple outlets and sales agents - and it all starts with the ThunderTix account sign-in.

Account access policies are set by you and enforced by our technology. When outlet agents sign-in to their ThunderTix account, the very first thing they are required to do is choose from the list of outlets you created. This policy is the basis of how you track sales agents’ performance, individually and as a collective. The few minutes spent establishing the list of outlets displayed at sign-in pays long term dividends by making the task of organizing information easier and less time consuming. And when it comes time to paying sales agents’ commissions, the sales outlet location tracking feature ensures an accurate accounting process. Also included with the tracking feature is the ability to create users with access to sell tickets at a predetermined discount. (example: a hotel concierge sell tickets at $5.00 below the public price)

Expand your empire to be bigger than ever before with our Embed Codes that allow you to display your events on any website with our event calendar HTML, events listing, or events date search and Event Restricted Access. In addition to tracking your roster of agents at remote outlets, you can securely sell tickets anywhere on the Internet using the powerful Embed Code feature. Embed codes can be added to any 3rd party website or Wordpress blog you choose to create a network of “virtual” ticket outlets. Plus, the Event Restricted Access feature is a way to temporarily and securely allow anyone to be a salesperson for your event.

Generate & Export Reports

sales outlet location select One of the most popular uses of the tracking feature is to generate a quick informal report at the end of the business day to see who sold what from which outlet. Those that have multiple concurrent events, like sightseeing tour operators, use outlet location tracking to see at which locations sales are strong and which need more advertising.

When it comes to more formal accounting the tracking feature integrates with our robust sales report feature. You can generate month-end reports that clearly display each outlet's total ticket sales - numerical counts and in dollar amounts. Once generated inside ThunderTix, the month-end report can be exported for use in the accounting software you already use such as Microsoft Excel or Quickbooks. Of course you can create month-end reports on a per sales agent basis as well.

ThunderTix Sales Outlet Location Tracking

The sales outlet location tracking feature is just one aspect of the business intelligence ThunderTix provides. Tracking is an optional feature that can be added when you sign-up for a new account, or added later when your network of outlets becomes larger. Be sure to take a look at our other features and sign up for a free trial today!