Custom Event Ticketing Software

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Custom event ticketing software doesn't require a large budget. While ThunderTix offers a wide variety of selling and administration tools for online ticketing to fit the majority of clients at our cost-effective rates, some organizations long for designed for their specific needs that exceed out-of-the-box functionality.

We can tailor ThunderTix to fit your needs with customized modules and options to build on our already robust platform. If you feel that only custom event ticketing software provides the benefits your organization requires, chat with us!

Our approach to building custom event ticketing software

We will have a meeting with you to discuss your needs. We'll start with:

  • Who is the end user?
  • What is the specific task? For example, you may need specific revenue data sent to your bookkeeper nightly. Perhaps you need an automated email blast sent to patrons that fall within a certain category.
  • What functionality is needed in the task? Following on the examples yesterday, you may need to allow your bookkeeper to notate data points, or your marketing staff may want to learn more about the open and click-through rates on the email blasts.
  • Are their visual cues needed along the way to indicate process steps? Perhaps you need staff to indicate further requirements on customized data.
  • What does success look like? Let's get the bookkeeper and marketing folks on the call, as they ultimately determine the efficacy of our custom coding.
  • What is the budget? Many of our examples (below) were very simple and cost-effective customizations.

Let's talk about how we can use the ThunderTix platform to create a custom event ticketing software designed for your venue.

Examples we've built to create custom event ticketing software

We work on customizations every month of the year, and some of those changes were downright inexpensive to build. A few examples are:

  • Additional Field Collection at Checkout included in reports like:
    • Tracking where the customer heard about the venue
    • Employer events that track the name of each of the employee's guests and ticket holders
  • Showing the attendee name when the user hovers over the already-reserved space
  • Allowing box office users to accept partial payments with a running open balance report
  • Insert existing customer database for complete customer list
  • Selection of two reservations per ticket purchased
  • Sold-out Display for pre-sold tours/events

In addition, we offer complete custom programming to fit virtually any event. Whether your venue location is a parking lot requiring assigned parking spaces, a convention center or chamber of commerce event with booth reservations, or any other uniquely different entertainment venue, ThunderTix can be custom fit for your needs.

Contact us today, and let us help you design your own custom event ticketing software today!

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