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Sports ticketing software - Ticket sale ends with apology

An event featuring Manchester United soccer coach Sir Alex Ferguson went awry because the sports ticketing software only allowed fans to buy one ticket each. Here’s a look at what happened and how to avoid having the issue occur at your event. “Absolutely gutted” It seems there is high demand for ticket to meet famous sports…
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School Sports Ticketing Software & Fan Behavior

In an unprecedented announcement, the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) issued behavior guidelines for its students and football fans attending the “Rocky Mountain Showdown.” This post looks at how all school sports events can benefit from emulating CU’s preemptive stance, and how ticketing software can help manage fan behavior. Preemptive Request The longtime inter-state school…
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How-To Sell Football Tailgate Space At Premium Prices

A often overlooked revenue stream are the tailgate spaces at stadium parking lots. Here’s how a college can augment its ticket revenue and sell football tailgate space at premium pricing.

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Sports Ticketing Software: Racing For Charity

Grassroots racing, be it cars, go-karts, sailboats or lawn movers (yes, lawn mowers!) are often charity events. Racing for charity means you’ll need online sports ticketing software to keep everything organized and not get in the way of the fun. Here’s how to do it! Racing For Charity Local racing is a grassroots effort, with hard…
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Motorsport Ticketing Software: Indy 500 Festival

The Indianapolis 500 is a classic American motorsport competition known the world over. But did you know there is a huge, month-long festival that occurs at the same time? Here’s how the 500 Festival can be scaled down and made part of your racing event to boost attendance numbers as seen in your motorsport ticketing software. History…
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High School Switches To Sports Ticketing Software - You Can Too

Despite any nostalgia paper tickets may invoke, a high school in Ohio has gone decidedly high-tech and will start using online sports ticketing software. Citing cost savings first and foremost, the online sales will be for more than just sports to include school plays and musicals. Read on and see if your school should start using…
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Sell Track and Field Tickets

How to sell track and field tickets online

Eight decades of success continued this past weekend as the 86th Annual Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays were held at the University of Texas in Austin. In addition to being one of the most popular track & field events in the country, the Relays serve as a reference standard for how to sell tickets to outdoor…
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How to sell youth league baseball tickets

This ThunderTix “how-to” post shows parents how to sell youth league baseball tickets just like the big nonprofit organizations. It’s easier than you think! The easiest sale of all The 2013 season of youth league baseball (also known as “little league”) is underway and parents across the country are doing everything they can to help fund raise for their…
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Teams sell softball tickets ahead of the curve

The 2013 softball season has started and teams from all over the country have started to sell softball tickets. Whether it is a major college or a local community league, the best practices are the same – plan ahead, reward early purchasers and have fun! This post looks at the pre-season activity and why your…
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CEO's Goodwill Gesture Offsets Cruel Ticket Scam

The story is a familiar one. Tickets to an event are so highly sought after that would-be buyers seek them from unauthorized outlets. When the event is Super Bowl XLVII that lapse in judgement is almost understandable. But thanks to the CEO of Ticketmaster this particular story has a happy ending.