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How to manage Covid cancelations - despairing actor in front of dressing room mirror

How to manage Covid cancelations

The set awaits, performers are ready, and the box office schedule ensures everyone is ready to greet attendees. Then you get the news — your lead has Covid. As theatres continue towards recovery from the pandemic and contend with lower attendance, preventing cancelation is critical. When Covid cancelations strike, it causes disappointment with patrons, adds…
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Charlie Chaplin looking out of a window...lonely from close event businesses

A survival guide for event businesses

There is no handbook on how we — as owners, directors, box office managers and staff for event businesses — should operate in a world where the very essence of what we do, that is, bringing people together, has been banned throughout the world. These circumstances have imposed on all of us a true fight…
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credit card fraud

New Credit Card Fraud Rules

New Credit Card Fraud Rules and How it Affects You In October, new rules will shift the financial liability for fraudulent credit card transactions from the banks to the merchants unless merchants use the new EMV chip card readers for “card present” transactions. We wanted to shed some light on how this affects our clients.…
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Credit Card Security

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

In news accounts over the last year, we have all learned about security breaches leaking credit card data for millions of consumers. What we don’t usually hear about is what happens to those credit cards once they are stolen, so we wanted to provide a synopsis of what happens once your credit card data is…
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ticket trends

Ticket Trends - New Tools For Ticket Sales

New tools from Google Maps and Foursquare are designed to spur impulse buying – including tickets to your event. Here’s a look at how these latest ticket trends work. New Foursquare Ads & Your Venue Foursquare has been a staple of event awareness for sometime now, but just this week the popular location based…
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Food Festival Ticketing Software

Trends In Food Festival Ticketing Software

The announcement of an upcoming foodie event contains an interesting bit of information relating to food festival ticketing software. The tickets are being sold in units of “tastes” for food and drink. Here’s a quick look… $25 for 4 food tastes and 2 drink tastes Everyone is familiar with units of measurement like “meter” and…
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ticket contest ideas

Ticket Contest Ideas: Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Ticket contest ideas are a proven way to inexpensively market your event and raise awareness. The hot new trend of incorporating social media is being put to excellent use by events like the US Open, but any type of event can get the same value…

ticket sales tool

Why the word "experience" is a powerful ticket sales tool

The busy venue owner may not be aware of how powerful the word “experience” can be – as it pertains to tickets sales. From the ticket buying public’s point of view, it is an event’s experience that has the most value. This post looks at the use of the word “experience” in conjunction with (and…
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Ticket Sales Inspiration

Ticket Sales Inspiration: The "Super Ticket"

In addition to making great ticketing software, we love to bring ticket sales inspiration ideas to your attention. The hot new trend of the so-called movie “Super Ticket” can easily be adapted to your event for all the same reasons the film industry uses them – higher profits.

ticket coupons

New Shopping Trend Has A Ticketing Equivalent - Ticket Coupons

The meteoric rise of services selling carefully curated items by subscription has caught the attention of traditional retailers. Bespoke Post, Trunk Club and Quarterly Co. are each putting a unique spin on the idea of shopping. This hot new trend has a ticketing equivalent – the very popular ThunderTix feature of selling event ticket coupons via…
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